The Perfect Wedding Dress for Every Season – Perfect Bridal Collection (Part II)

With summer and fall already covered in our previous blog, we move on to winter and spring to see what the fashion mavens have in store for us in 2017! Read more

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The Perfect Wedding Dress for Every Season – Perfect Bridal Collection (Part I)

With each season, comes the opportunity for inspiration. And for the adventurous bride, this is her time to shine.

The seasons of summer, fall, winter and spring bring with them a feast of color, themes and beauty, each of which provides the best backdrop for brides who have particular ideas in mind. But what matters is how these brides bring those ideas out of paper and into reality. Read more

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Top Bridesmaids’ Dress Trends Perfect For This Summer

It doesn’t matter how many weddings you have attended. It doesn’t matter if you have been a bridesmaid more times than you can count; when it comes to planning your own wedding, all that ‘experience’ goes out the window!

All soon-to-be brides must agree that planning a wedding is easy compared to choosing bridesmaid dresses for their friends and sisters. Read more

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Every Dress Deserves Beautiful Accessories – How to Accessorize Your Bridesmaids!

Your 7 excited bridesmaids have finally settled on their dresses.

Next up? It’s time to decide on the perfect jewelry pieces to complement the dresses!

A single strand of pearls; a pair of diamond stud earrings; even a simple multi-colored brooch will do. Yet, choosing accessories for your bridesmaids isn’t as easy considering accessories are usually chosen according to dress style and neckline. Take inspiration from the following helpful guidelines. Read more

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You Can Elope And Still Have Your Fairytale Wedding!

Attended too many weddings as a bridesmaid to realize this isn’t something you would want? Don’t have the time to plan such a big, lavish and expensive wedding, in the first place? Elopement is the word you should start thinking about. Read more

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Thinking Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses? Follow These Rules For The Perfect Match!

You browse through countless bridal magazines to find inspiration but nothing seems right. You even picture your bridesmaids besides you, bedecked in dresses that complement the wedding theme.  Read more

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Here Is A Convenient 7 Minute Fitness Routine For The Busy Bride

The Association for Wedding Professionals International estimates brides-to-be spend an average of at least 37 hours per month for planning their weddings. Wine tastings, menu setting, guest placement and the usual wedding planning is carried out simultaneously with work and other responsibilities. Keeping fit for the wedding is an important goal for most brides but balancing work, wedding planning and exercise is something many cannot achieve.  Read more

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Tips To Find The Perfect Flower Girl Dresses

The modern wedding has let go of many ‘traditions’ from past weddings except one. Be it a country style wedding or modern ‘vintage’ themed wedding, it just doesn’t seem complete without a flower girl, skipping down the aisle before the bride with a basket full of petals. As such proper attention must be given to the selection of her dress, just as much the same as picking your own bridal gown! Read more

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Going For A Romantic Look For Your Wedding Day? Explore These Perfect Romantic Bridal Hairdos

Today’s busy brides look for low maintenance yet elegant and beautiful wedding dresses. The modern bride takes bridal hair and dress inspiration, not from the hair requests and wedding dress fashion of yesteryear like those who came before them. From loose, beach-ready and smooth tresses to soft and elegantly undone mermaid braids – all done with a touch of romance. Read more

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Planning A Traditional Bridal Shower Not Your Thing? Breaking Some Of These Rules WON’T Ruin The Party!

Marriage in an institution that everybody wants to be part of one day! For some, this day means a celebration with close friends and family, as the great countdown begins.

As the appointed Maid of Honor for your best friend’s or sister’s wedding, the duty comes to you to make the days leading up to the wedding even more special for the bride.  Read more

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