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Top Bridesmaids’ Dress Trends Perfect For This Summer

It doesn’t matter how many weddings you have attended. It doesn’t matter if you have been a bridesmaid more times than you can count; when it comes to planning your own wedding, all that ‘experience’ goes out the window!


All soon-to-be brides must agree that planning a wedding is easy compared to choosing bridesmaid dresses for their friends and sisters.


Talk about peer pressure. However, keeping everybody happy with your final choice isn’t difficult, with so many options available to the modern bride. From bridesmaid dresses with open backs, glamorous fit-and-flare skirts to beautifully elegant maternity dresses, follow these trends!

One-Shoulder Dresses


Strapless dresses are absolutely perfect in the summer. They show off just the right amount of skin while scoring major points by cooling you off. However, a strapless dress might not be the best idea for all your bridesmaids when it comes to bust support. Enter one-shoulder dresses! Perfect in every way, the one-shoulder baring trend gives the best of both worlds. Stay looking classy and elegant wearing this Bari Jay design; or choose a Hayley Paige off-shoulder bridesmaid dress.


Bold and Vibrant Hues


Summer – a season where we see beautiful splashes of color everywhere the eye turns.


Incorporate nature’s own color scheme into your bridesmaid dresses! Opt for bold and vibrant colors and hues when choosing bridesmaid dresses for your girls. Go with a mix-and-match theme in colors and dress styles! Your traditional white bridal gown will stand out excellently against a sea of bright yellow chiffon mismatched styled dresses. This Hayley Paige jumpsuit in bold chiffon will stand out brilliantly!

Tea Length Dresses

Both modern and traditional, tea length bridesmaid dresses is an excellent choice for a more laid-back wedding.


The style fits perfectly with any type or themed wedding, which is helpful for brides who want to think out of the box regarding wedding planning. Are you thinking of inviting only a few close loved ones to your wedding? Such a private ceremony warrants some elegance and class. Tea length bridesmaid dresses will help you achieve that. This beautiful tea-length creation by Dessy can be ordered online in 27 colors!


Beaded or Metallic Dress


Most popular in 2016, we will continue to see beaded or metallic bridesmaid dresses this year. Perfect for a summer retro-styled wedding, beaded bridesmaid dresses can even be recycled for non-wedding events later!


Look for neutral shades when selecting metallic as the main dress theme, such as muted grey or beige. Following this trend looks great in mix and matched dresses.


You don’t have to make your bridesmaids into clones! There are a lot of choices available to the modern bride. Picking the best bridesmaids’ dresses with Perfect Bridal!

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Every Dress Deserves Beautiful Accessories – How to Accessorize Your Bridesmaids!

Strapless Neckline

The strapless bridesmaid shows off tasteful décolletage while lengthening the wearer’s neck. Women with a full bust prefer this neckline more than others. Whether accessorizing a Bari Jay strapless design or a Bill Levkoff creation with a sweetheart neckline, use of minimalist accessories always works.

How to Accessorize This Dress

Picking accessories for a strapless bridesmaid dress is very easy because almost anything goes well with this neckline! An excellent idea is to mix things up: keep the look simply elegant with a single pearl strand necklace or pick bold and beautiful with a multi-strand necklace.

For the ears, stick with small dangle earrings or studs. Complete the look with dainty peep toe pumps, preferably in a neutral hue.

Halter Neckline

This particular neckline suits many body shapes but is especially flattering for women with broad shoulders. Fancy looking or messy hair up-dos work like a charm in this style.

How to Accessorize This Dress

Take cues with the hairstyle chosen for your bridesmaids when picking earrings. Everyone voted for pulled back hair? Buy simple statement earrings that will set the neckline and hairdo nicely. Pair them off with thick jewelry cuffs rather than bangles.

Complete your look by taking a different approach towards footwear. Flats are perfect for the after-party but choose a pair that goes above and beyond simple practicality!

One-Shoulder Neckline

This neckline is flirty, fun and asymmetrical. Dress featuring one-shoulder necklines show-off the feminine collarbone, presenting a classic yet slightly modern look.

How to Accessorize This Dress

You must be thoughtful about the accessories you select for this dress. Keep in mind, not every style requires a necklace. Nor does it suit many necklines.

Our point: Forego the necklace completely. Instead choose to make a statement with sophisticated and delicate chandelier earrings.

A flirty and bold crystal bracelet will act as perfect arm candy. Put on delicate strappy heels in the color of the bridesmaid dress, spray on some perfume and the look is complete.

Still haven’t decided what trend to follow regarding bridesmaid dresses? Visit Perfect Bridal to find the best bridesmaid dresses trending this year.

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You Can Elope And Still Have Your Fairytale Wedding!

It depends. Throwing an enormous wedding, complete with live music band and champagne fountain may be somebody’s dream idea. However it’s not yours! Want to have a fairy tale elopement wedding without the stress of wedding planning? Following are some advantages you can enjoy with not planning an extravagant wedding.

This Day Is About You and Your Significant Other

This day is about you and your significant other. It isn’t about your extended relatives, not that crazy family-friend who drinks a lot in weddings, not even your parents! However, you’d be surprised by how many people offer their unsolicited advice when it comes to wedding planning.

From your wedding dress, to the table linens, to even your bridesmaid dresses – you will be bombarded with opinions from well-meaning relatives. Your voice will be lost some way along the road! Prevent tears and completely ruining your wedding planning by eloping, preferably wearing a designer bridal gown.

You Can Marry At Your Dream Destination!

Destination weddings won’t go out of style. So why not choose your dream wedding location, invite a few friends (every bride needs a bridesmaid!), and turn your big day into a mini getaway? The world is filled with romantic destinations you can travel, keeping every budget in mind. Head to Australia to get married on a beautiful beach, with just a few close friends! Or say your vows in the sky, on a hot air balloon in Ireland.

Eloping Doesn’t Mean Compromising With Your Dream Wedding!

Planning a wedding that seems like an elopement is the newest trend to arrive. Many wedding venues offer ‘elopement packages’ for couples who simply don’t have the time or urge to plan a big wedding! These elopement packages are pre-planned, coordinated by a professional planner and can outfit 2-25 people. Best thing of all? All you have to do is show up with your small bridal party in tow.

What about the money saved? You can plan an extravagant honeymoon or Europe tour! You can also gift your ‘bridesmaids’ beautiful dresses designed by Hayley Paige. Perfect Bridal is the place for that. So, what are you waiting for?

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Thinking Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses? Follow These Rules For The Perfect Match!

You browse through countless bridal magazines to find inspiration but nothing seems right. You even picture your bridesmaids besides you, bedecked in dresses that complement the wedding theme.


Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Are Back and Here to Stay!


While not a new concept, mismatched bridesmaid dresses have gained undue popularity over the years.


Ideal for any wedding theme, mismatched bridesmaid dresses are both unique and fun! Selecting the perfect dresses that complement instead of clash depends on the following:


Coordination of Some Aspects of the Dresses


Wait, isn’t the entire point of these bridesmaid dresses is they should be mismatched? After all, this would draw away from the idea of mismatched bridesmaid dresses! Does it? Not really.


Coordinating some aspects of the dresses will help unify the entire look of the bridal party. Bridesmaid designer, Hayley Paige, suggests as many as two aspects to be similar. Choosing even one or two common styles will match with the overall theme even if there are significant differences in the dresses.

Follow an Already Set Theme


Many brides prefer letting their bridesmaids choose the color scheme. They feel that everyone gets to choose their own gowns without having to consult the bride at every minute.


This method can work well with the black color scheme. However choosing mismatched dresses in another color may go wrong.


Think about it: if you ask your girls to find a long, flowing blue dress, there can be six different shades of that color, that don’t complement at all! The fabrics will be different too.


How you can go about this? Share fabric swatches and color palettes with all your bridesmaids. Another solution is to offer 10-15 dresses to choose from in your wedding theme colors.  Perfect Bridal offers convenience in this regard!

Pay Attention to Accessories

Accessories complete the look. Pick these only once you’ve confirmed the dress design and colors.


A statement necklace, a pair of earrings or a clutch are great accessory ideas that you can gift to your bridesmaids. Remember: chosen accessories should be the same for every bridesmaid, regardless of her dress style!


Choosing mismatched bridesmaid dresses from Perfect Bridal will certainly get your fun and perky side out.


We have a beautiful collection of bridesmaid dresses by some of the most reputed designers, including our newest addition Hayley Paige!

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Pregnant Bridesmaid? Take Note of These Tips When Picking Her Dress

Being a Maid of Honor or bridesmaid in the wedding of a close friend or sister is almost as exciting, anxiety filled and happiness inducing as planning for your own wedding. A lot of efforts go into planning the perfect wedding color scheme, place settings, decorations, and of course bridesmaid dresses amongst other million details. You would understand the feeling and therefore want to make this experience the best for your pregnant sister or close friend.

Conduct research online and you will come across maternity bridesmaid dresses designed by the top-notch bridesmaid designers out there. In fact, Perfect Bridal offers an entire selection of maternity bridesmaids’ dresses but how to select a theme that would look flattering on her? Take note of the following:

Her Measurements

When dress shopping, taking measurements of the bust, waist, and hip are enough to find a flattering and beautiful dress however remember that your pregnant bridesmaid’s measurements will change with the months. Taking a waist measurement will be useless. Add a few inches (for future growth) on the bust and hip measurements that are current.

Her Timing

Bridesmaid’s dresses are usually ordered 5-6 months prior to the wedding (Perfect Bridal also offers quick delivery option). Your pregnant bridesmaid’s body and measurements can change drastically during that time period therefore it makes more sense to buy the maternity bridesmaid dress close to the wedding date.

What to Do When Bridesmaid Is…

Four Months Pregnant or Under

You can safely order the same style bridesmaid dress as the others in the bridal party, just one or two sizes larger.

Five Months Pregnant or More

Maternity bridesmaid dresses are highly recommended if bridesmaid is halfway on her pregnancy. Fortunately, there are a lot of styles that you can choose from, designed by the likes of Bari Jay, Dessy and Alfred Angelo. Maternity dress styles can differ from others but you can mix and match quite successfully or ensure color coordination.

Additional Tips

Your aim should be to keep your pregnant bridesmaid as comfortable as possible which is why some thought must be place when choosing the style of bridesmaid dress. Try out:

Varying Necklines

Loose silhouette styles will be most comfortable and flattering paired with a convertible style dress. Such a style can be worn in any way that looks good on them the most.

Extra Length

Order her dress with extra length if possible. This will make sure that the hemline doesn’t ride up too high in the front due to growing belly.

Placing this much thought for your pregnant bridesmaid’s dress will be worth it because in the end, your love for one another transcends fashion statements or trends. Although you can also make sure everyone in the party slays with their look by ordering empire waist chiffon bridesmaid dresses from Perfect Bridal. It’s a style and fabric that appeals to everyone!

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Avoid These Bridal Hair And Makeup Mistakes For A Perfect Wedding Day!

Let’s face it – the days leading up to your wedding are filled with growing levels of stress. There are so many details to keep track of; even the tiniest mistake could spell disaster! Avoiding mistakes wherever possible is human nature but it is something that brides hope to achieve the most on their wedding day. While it’s impossible to control every little detail of the ceremony and reception, you can still make sure everything looks as close to what was imagined. Bridal hair and makeup mistakes also come at the top of the list of ‘mistakes to avoid’ however there are some that all brides are guilty of making. Avoid the following mistakes and ensure partial success on your wedding day, at least for the pictures!

Skipping the Makeup Trial

Investing in your bridal makeup trial is perhaps the single-most best decision you will make, at least when it comes to your hair and makeup. Yes, this is an extra cost but full of worth! Bridal makeup specialist Amanda Gabbard of the Guerlain Spa recommends scheduling your trial at least 3 months before the wedding. This will ensure brides have enough time to try out another option if they aren’t happy with the first makeup trial’s results.

Helpful Tip

You can save money while trying out new and different looks. Just research and attend free makeover events happening in your city.

Overdoing Your Bridal Hair and Makeup

There is a reason why most brides today opt for a natural look for their bridal makeover and hairdo. You don’t want to look like another person – just a more polished and beautiful you! Don’t try a hair or makeup style that clashes with your personality. Also don’t try a completely different look on your wedding day, it can backfire.

Some brides make the mistake of doing their bridal makeup before the hairdo. This can ruin your carefully applied makeup due to a number of things which is why; do your hair, then makeup.

Rushing Through Hair and Makeup on Wedding Day

Getting ready on the wedding day is a drawn out process that can take hours. You want to look absolutely perfect on your special day which is why stylists and brides take their time getting ready. Rushing through your hair and makeup due to any reason will give a bad result. Makeup experts recommend at least one hour makeup prep time, on the wedding’s morning.

Your wedding day will be the most beautiful and happiest day of your life. By not following the above mistakes, you will make sure you look beautiful on the day. Other mistakes brides make are related to bridesmaid dresses, i.e. styles and colors don’t coordinate with each other. This can also be avoided by registering your bridal party to Perfect Bridal!

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Choosing Donna Morgan Bridesmaid Dresses? Learn How To Mix And Match For The Perfect Results

Half the fun with selecting the perfect bridesmaid dresses is mixing and matching different materials and styles!

Mix and matching several good chiffon dresses to get the look you want is an art, but Perfect Bridal is here to teach you to go about this!

Donna Morgan is simply the queen of bridesmaid dress designers. Her dress styles, colors and fabrics make it easier for brides to incorporate different dresses because they all complement each other!

When mixing and matching Donna Morgan bridesmaid dresses, keep note of the following:

Choose One Style in Different Colors or One Color in Different Styles

Nearly all elements of a bridesmaid dress can be experimented upon when mixing and pairing different styles.

In fact, there isn’t only one way to mix and match bridesmaids dresses—it’s entirely up to you! Solid and patterned dresses can also be combined to create a lovely aesthetic mix or you can choose the safe route.

Keep the look cohesive by coordinating the bridal party’s accessories or choose makeup and hair looks that flatter the dress.

Blush, Mauve, and Taupe Are Best Go-To Colors

Want your bridesmaid color theme to look coordinated and refined? Look for dress styles in one color family! Selecting the same color from the same bridesmaid dress designer isn’t a bad idea either, if it’s Donna Morgan or another hotshot bridesmaid dress designer.

Another trend taking the popular wheel spin in mixing and matching neutral bridesmaid dresses. Picking the right colors can prove to be challenging. Whatever theme or vibe you are going for, nothing can go wrong by pairing Donna Morgan’s neutral tones together.

It may be difficult to coordinate dress styles and colors if all bridesmaids aren’t available for a group shopping trip. This is where mix and match really comes in handy. Ask your girls to dress in mauve, taupe, or blush! Make this easier by registering your bridal party to Perfect Bridal where your friends and sister can easily select coordinated Donna Morgan bridesmaid dresses.

Chiffon and Satin Works Best For Bridesmaid Dresses

It is a good idea to choose one fabric for all your bridesmaids unless of course the theme of your wedding is hodgepodge.

Choosing bridesmaid dresses of the same fabric can also make mixing and matching easier while looking elegantly tasteful in pictures.

As a leading bridal boutique, we want to take out the stress related with bridesmaid dress shopping and make this experience fun! This is why Perfect Bridal offers designer fabric swatches in different colors so that you and your bridesmaids don’t have to look at too many styles to get an idea.

Choosing fabric of your selected bridesmaid dress designers has been simplified thanks to Perfect Bridal. You can also buy designer bridesmaid dress at great discounted prices online! So what are you waiting for? Register your bridal party today and take a look at some stunning bridesmaid dress designs

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Flowers and Beauty – Making the Most of Your Bridal Bouquet

Although choosing your bridal bouquet may not seem like the most intimidating task in the world, this doesn’t mean the decision doesn’t require some forethought.

Having a Beautiful Bridal Bouquet

• Choose a Dress before You Choose the Bouquet

It may seem like a small detail, but it doesn’t look like one when you’re walking down the aisle in a white dress that horribly clashes with the garish orange bouquet.

When meeting the florist to make your selection, bring a picture of your dress along so that they know the theme they’re working with. The design of your bouquet should reflect the style and details of your dress. So opt for a bouquet design that doesn’t overwhelm the look of your own gown, neither unbalances it.

• Consider the Shape and Size

Trailing bouquets only work if your dress is simple. In such cases, you need a dramatic bouquet that will add character to the design. But if you have a dress that has detailing on the front, you will need a bouquet that is much smaller.
Also, since your waist is the smallest part of your body, you will also need the right size since you don’t want to the bouquet to overpower your look.

• Pick the Right Color

With a white, ivory or cream gown, you need to find the right types of colorful blooms for your chosen bouquet that would show off the simplicity of the dress. Although, you can also choose a bouquet that complements the bridesmaids’ dresses as well.

• Add a Personal Touch

Many brides add small trinkets such as family heirlooms or necklaces to their bouquets as well. This way, your bouquet can become a part of the something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue.

• Choose a Comfortable Bouquet

Your bouquet needs to be comfortable enough that it doesn’t end up being too crinkly or heavy for you to hold. Heavy bouquets can be awkward to carry since you have to adjust your posture to accommodate them and that can make for some truly awkward wedding photos.

• Know how to hold Your Bouquet

Because of our nerves, many brides end up holding their bouquets with both hands, and their shoulders hitched up. That can be somewhat unappealing, especially if you have on a gorgeous Bari Jay bridal gown.

The best way to hold your bouquet is to hold it in one hand, away from the dress and below the hip so that your dress can show.

Roll your shoulders and relax them so that your posture is improved and make sure not to grip the flowers too tightly.

• Keep the Fresh

For hand-tied bouquets, freshen up their look at the end of the day by cutting them at the base of their stems about an inch and then pop them in a vase with water. Since you’re the bride, you can choose to have your mother or bridesmaid do so for you instead.

We like to provide all kinds of info so that our brides can have a perfect and memorable day. Buy bridal gowns from us to look like the queen you are!

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Barefoot Bride or No? Here are Some Wedding Shoe Tips You Should Know

We’ve all heard of the phrase, “no pain, no gain”. However, this rule should not apply when we’re talking about our bridal beauty.
And most of all, it shouldn’t apply when we’re talking about bridal footwear. Beautiful to look, and sometimes harmful to wear, shoes can sometimes really hurt our feet. But for the sake of beauty, we end up wearing them anyway.
Well, we at Perfect Bridal say, stop!
Wrong footwear should not cause a dent in a bride’s happy moments, especially on her wedding day.
So here, we give you some tips so brides can buy the best shoes for their wedding and not hurt their tootsies in the process.

Bridal Shoe Mistakes You Should Avoid

• Break in Your Shoes before the Wedding

Unless you want to have blisters on your feet on your wedding day, we suggest you break them in well before the big day. If they’re too tight, wear your shoes under your desk and flex them so that your feet feel comfortable on the big day!

• Buy the Right Style

For the sake of your heels, don’t wear heels. Apart from the ceremony, you will be running around all throughout the night, thanking everyone for coming and dancing the time away.
Heels may put a stop to that. Firstly, wearing something that makes you precociously stand on your own two feet may make you trip. Second; you shouldn’t have to wear heels if you’ll only end up kicking them and going barefoot. Wear shoes you’re comfortable in such as sandals and even cowboy boot; whatever floats your boat!

• Shop Around

Wedding shoes are very expensive. And when it comes to expensive shopping, we tend to want it done quickly so the bill doesn’t torture us as much. However, don’t make the mistake of going to just one or two places. You’re spending a fortune on your purchase, so you need to get shoes that are from the right source.

• Keep a Spare

Even with all these above steps, shoes can still hurt. Your heel may break or the dance may be too slippery (Read: Chandler and Monica’s wedding, anyone?)
In this case, you need to have a trusted pair of shoes in your bridal care kit so that you don’t end up sitting out for your own special occasion.

• Don’t Skip the Pedicure

You’ve ignored your toenails long enough. If you’re going to wear exquisite footwear, your feet need to look good and well taken care of. Getting a pedicure will help you take care of that task. Not to mention, it will also relax your foot muscles enough to help you dance without worrying about the pain.

• Wearing the Wrong Shoes for Your Dress

If you’re going for plain shoes, you may need to first see if your dress covers your feet or not. You don’t want to walk down the aisle while your flip-flops shine in all their glory. Your shoes complete your overall look, so if you do want to look perfect, incorporating the length of your dress will greatly help you.
Perfect Bridal offers beautiful wedding gowns from Bari Jay and Alfred Sung among others. If you want a dress that would go with your footwear, you can be sure that we will help you.
So go ahead and use the above tips to buy the right shoes, and come on down to Perfect Bridal and choose a dress that will surely make you look picture-perfect!

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Plus-Size Beauties – Dress Shopping Tips for the Bride-to-Be

For a plus-size bride, finding the right wedding dress was an intimidating task a few years ago. But thanks to various designers in the bridal wear industry, brides can now choose the most stunning dress without worrying about body-shaming, or worse—finding a dress that is perfect but isn’t available in their size!

But how do you go about shopping for such an ideal dress?

For that,Perfect Bridal offers some handy tips!

Short Tips for Choosing the Perfect Plus-Size Wedding Dress

Call Ahead

Before you begin shopping, pick up the phone and call around the different bridal boutiques and ask about their stock. Tell them your size and ask them if they have a selection of wedding dress types that would work for you. Keep in mind that if the store offers all sizes between 2 and 22, they’ll probably have your size ten.

Just make sure that if they don’t have a sample size that fits you, they can still order one that would. So don’t be disappointed.

Ask the Salesperson for Recommendations

When looking for a dress, find a salesperson that would be eager to help you. Ask for their expertise and get them to show you how they think you’ll look. But keep in mind though that this is your show. You get to control the shopping experience. So don’t shy away if the dress your salesperson picks isn’t as flattering as you feel.

Don’t Worry about the Size

NEVER go with size when it comes to choosing a wedding dress. Wedding dresses often use street sizes but if you’re a size 14 and end up wearing a size 16, don’t lament on the fact. If the dress fits, buy it and ignore the little number on the tag.

Add Sleeves if You Want

Yes, it can be frustrating to search for a strappy wedding dress in a sea of strapless ball gowns. However, if you end up getting your heart set on one dress that happens to be strapless, have the dress altered to add sleeves. Don’t be afraid to ask for the change and don’t just think it’ll be too expensive to get. Chances are the price will be very reasonable.

Be Confident

In a world where a size 12 is often ridiculed, it can be easy for people to body-shame your bodacious self. Put a stop to it as soon as it starts. You are a healthy beautiful woman and no amount of idiocy on some else’s part should bring you down. If someone tries to shame you, i.e. ask you if you are going to lose weight before the wedding, shut them down or search elsewhere for your dream dress.

Have Fun

If you’re shopping at Perfect Bridal, we do our best to make this shopping experience fun for you.
And while you may want to just get the shopping bit over with, take time out to enjoy the day. You deserve it!

Come on down to our boutique or browse through our website to find the perfect dress to look like the queen you are on your wedding day!

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