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Are You Following One Of These Classic Color Schemes For Your Winter Wedding?

Winter is the season of jubilation, celebration and joy. What better way to start off your married life by planning a winter wedding? Some might say it is too cold to keep a winter wedding but with a host of warm color palettes and schemes, you can set the mood right for your wedding from the very beginning! Announce the news of your impending nuptials over coffee on a snowy night or send in personalized invites in subdued navy with hints of metallic gold. Yes – planning the proper winter wedding color scheme is just as important as the rest of the details.

Following are some wedding color palettes, keeping the winter season in mind. Note all mentioned schemes are fun, vibrant and unlike typical wintery colors – a lot can be done taking inspiration for your wedding planning using these palettes.

Winter Warmth

Winter and warmth don’t mix together yet we automatically think of hot cocoa, crackling fires and for some reason tartan, when we think of winter. Add a bit of festive tartan to give a nice, holiday feel to your wedding (even if you are planning after Christmas).

Think cozy colors such as ones shown. These rich traditional winter shades will work well together – behind a lovely white background.

Rustic Winter Elegance

Bring a twist on the traditional, by incorporating lots of greenery with a few subtle hints of crimson for this look. Let these gorgeous winter colors shine in your bouquet, table placements, flower arrangements and even wedding invites. Ideal for January weddings, you can still add a touch of festive cheer and seasonal berries to this rustic winter wedding palette.


Are you looking to enchant your guests? Incorporate soft sage green on wedding details, with a dash of refreshing and cool minty tones. The result will be a dreamy shade that will elevate your wedding location. Add in a little femininity by using romantic pink, blush and neutrals quite liberally to the wedding details, perhaps in the form of bridesmaid dresses.

Valentine’s Day Vibe

Peach is undoubtedly the color of this season! So alive and vibrant – this color can add life to even dreary winter weddings. Incorporate the cool and versatile color in your bouquet, ceiling hangings or just mix and match your bridesmaid dresses according to color palette below! Add in sleek silver and coral to increase vibrancy of soft peachy tones. Mix in red dashes here and there for a bold and beautiful wedding look. Ideal for February weddings!

If only selecting your wedding color scheme was just as easy as choosing your two favorite colors and using them for every little or big wedding detail. Hopefully our guide will help you get started! Of course choosing your bridesmaid dresses is relatively easier as Perfect Bride offers designer fabric swatches and palettes to help you choose and coordinate or mix and match dresses, according to wedding theme. Visit Perfect Visit Perfect Bridal and get a head start!

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Planning A Winter Wedding? Make Sure To Look At These Wedding Trends First

Maybe it’s the romantic element but we are in love with the idea of a winter wedding. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so picture this – open fires, hot chocolate toasts, twinkling lights and the soft winter sun laying its light on the bridal party. Thinking of organizing your wedding in winter or have started planning already? Fuel your winter wedding dreams with the most magical and sought after winter wedding trends 2017!

From jewel-toned bridesmaid dresses and berry filled bouquets, to sequined tablecloths and beautiful flower crowns; 2016 brought so much to the winter wedding scene. Now let’s raise our hands for 2017 and…

Flame Orange Color Theme

2016 was all about muted tones of rose quartz and serenity, thought out by Pantone. For the upcoming year however Pantone as well as leading wedding planning experts have voted for magnificent Flame Orange. A vibrant and truly wonder choice for a wedding theme, this color can be incorporated in so many different ways! Opt for a deep orange background with soft peach and metallic gold details in your decorations for a unique and fresh wedding theme.

Industrial Wedding Venues

While nothing can beat quaint manor houses or even rustic country barns as appropriate wedding venues, couples are choosing ‘edgy’ as the main style for their big day location. Industrial buildings are ideal spaces – we are talking about open (and clean) warehouses, abandoned factories, and stylish loft styled areas amongst other spaces.


Weddings and monogramming goes hand in hand but monogramming as we know has seen an evolution, especially in recent months. Gone are the days when everything from the table napkins and menu cards to wedding party favors was monogrammed. Not anymore! Instead couples can opt for more minimalistic but centralized monogramming that helps with communication for guests.
You can announce your new status to the world using lighted letters or decorate your table settings, spelling out bar or dessert table. Not only is this a more affordable way to personalize your wedding but you can add an edgier vintage tone.

Bold Wedding Dresses for the Bride

Demure brides are old-school. Now modern brides are opting for bolder looks for their wedding dresses such as off-the shoulder silhouettes, plunging necklines and beautiful backless designs. Off-the-shoulder necklines have always been romantic which is why it just makes sense to choose a satin off-the shoulder masterpiece by Casablanca.

You can choose to say I Do under the lush green canopy of a greenwood tree, wearing a Donna Morgan wedding gown or repeat your vows in a church, on the biggest and happiest day of your life – Perfect Bridal
truly is happy to offer a beautiful designer collection of wedding and brides maids dresses! View the full collection today!

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Barefoot Bride or No? Here are Some Wedding Shoe Tips You Should Know

We’ve all heard of the phrase, “no pain, no gain”. However, this rule should not apply when we’re talking about our bridal beauty.
And most of all, it shouldn’t apply when we’re talking about bridal footwear. Beautiful to look, and sometimes harmful to wear, shoes can sometimes really hurt our feet. But for the sake of beauty, we end up wearing them anyway.
Well, we at Perfect Bridal say, stop!
Wrong footwear should not cause a dent in a bride’s happy moments, especially on her wedding day.
So here, we give you some tips so brides can buy the best shoes for their wedding and not hurt their tootsies in the process.

Bridal Shoe Mistakes You Should Avoid

• Break in Your Shoes before the Wedding

Unless you want to have blisters on your feet on your wedding day, we suggest you break them in well before the big day. If they’re too tight, wear your shoes under your desk and flex them so that your feet feel comfortable on the big day!

• Buy the Right Style

For the sake of your heels, don’t wear heels. Apart from the ceremony, you will be running around all throughout the night, thanking everyone for coming and dancing the time away.
Heels may put a stop to that. Firstly, wearing something that makes you precociously stand on your own two feet may make you trip. Second; you shouldn’t have to wear heels if you’ll only end up kicking them and going barefoot. Wear shoes you’re comfortable in such as sandals and even cowboy boot; whatever floats your boat!

• Shop Around

Wedding shoes are very expensive. And when it comes to expensive shopping, we tend to want it done quickly so the bill doesn’t torture us as much. However, don’t make the mistake of going to just one or two places. You’re spending a fortune on your purchase, so you need to get shoes that are from the right source.

• Keep a Spare

Even with all these above steps, shoes can still hurt. Your heel may break or the dance may be too slippery (Read: Chandler and Monica’s wedding, anyone?)
In this case, you need to have a trusted pair of shoes in your bridal care kit so that you don’t end up sitting out for your own special occasion.

• Don’t Skip the Pedicure

You’ve ignored your toenails long enough. If you’re going to wear exquisite footwear, your feet need to look good and well taken care of. Getting a pedicure will help you take care of that task. Not to mention, it will also relax your foot muscles enough to help you dance without worrying about the pain.

• Wearing the Wrong Shoes for Your Dress

If you’re going for plain shoes, you may need to first see if your dress covers your feet or not. You don’t want to walk down the aisle while your flip-flops shine in all their glory. Your shoes complete your overall look, so if you do want to look perfect, incorporating the length of your dress will greatly help you.
Perfect Bridal offers beautiful wedding gowns from Bari Jay and Alfred Sung among others. If you want a dress that would go with your footwear, you can be sure that we will help you.
So go ahead and use the above tips to buy the right shoes, and come on down to Perfect Bridal and choose a dress that will surely make you look picture-perfect!

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Plus-Size Beauties – Dress Shopping Tips for the Bride-to-Be

For a plus-size bride, finding the right wedding dress was an intimidating task a few years ago. But thanks to various designers in the bridal wear industry, brides can now choose the most stunning dress without worrying about body-shaming, or worse—finding a dress that is perfect but isn’t available in their size!

But how do you go about shopping for such an ideal dress?

For that,Perfect Bridal offers some handy tips!

Short Tips for Choosing the Perfect Plus-Size Wedding Dress

Call Ahead

Before you begin shopping, pick up the phone and call around the different bridal boutiques and ask about their stock. Tell them your size and ask them if they have a selection of wedding dress types that would work for you. Keep in mind that if the store offers all sizes between 2 and 22, they’ll probably have your size ten.

Just make sure that if they don’t have a sample size that fits you, they can still order one that would. So don’t be disappointed.

Ask the Salesperson for Recommendations

When looking for a dress, find a salesperson that would be eager to help you. Ask for their expertise and get them to show you how they think you’ll look. But keep in mind though that this is your show. You get to control the shopping experience. So don’t shy away if the dress your salesperson picks isn’t as flattering as you feel.

Don’t Worry about the Size

NEVER go with size when it comes to choosing a wedding dress. Wedding dresses often use street sizes but if you’re a size 14 and end up wearing a size 16, don’t lament on the fact. If the dress fits, buy it and ignore the little number on the tag.

Add Sleeves if You Want

Yes, it can be frustrating to search for a strappy wedding dress in a sea of strapless ball gowns. However, if you end up getting your heart set on one dress that happens to be strapless, have the dress altered to add sleeves. Don’t be afraid to ask for the change and don’t just think it’ll be too expensive to get. Chances are the price will be very reasonable.

Be Confident

In a world where a size 12 is often ridiculed, it can be easy for people to body-shame your bodacious self. Put a stop to it as soon as it starts. You are a healthy beautiful woman and no amount of idiocy on some else’s part should bring you down. If someone tries to shame you, i.e. ask you if you are going to lose weight before the wedding, shut them down or search elsewhere for your dream dress.

Have Fun

If you’re shopping at Perfect Bridal, we do our best to make this shopping experience fun for you.
And while you may want to just get the shopping bit over with, take time out to enjoy the day. You deserve it!

Come on down to our boutique or browse through our website to find the perfect dress to look like the queen you are on your wedding day!

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How to Look Perfect When Having a Beach Wedding

With the sand beneath your feet, the sun shining on your perfectly made up hair, you walk down the makeshift aisle feeling like the princess of your dreams…

Until a gush of wind comes along, whooshing your gossamer veil over your head and caking your teeth with the same sand you were reveling in a few seconds ago!

It’s okay, you can stop cringing now. Although this is an over exaggeration of the worst of beach weddings, it doesn’t really take much for the beach-y elements to ruin your illusion of the perfect day.

So in order to stop such a disaster from happening, we give you some style tips to prevent the beach elements from ruining your beach wedding!

What You Should Take Care for Your Beach Wedding

What to Wear

Beach weddings and poufy dresses do not mix. For such an occasion, you need a dress that is light and airy, but not so much that a gush of wind would reveal your nether regions. Light layers and strapless should be your choice so that you can move without fumbling or fussing over your dress.
You can choose from a number of wedding dress types from the variety of bridal party dresses for beach weddings available at
Perfect Bridal. Just keep your comfort as well as style in mind when you choose a dress.

Lastly, when looking for shoes, go for flats; heels sink into the sand.

What Your Groom Should Wear

Unless you want a grumpy groom, opt for relaxed attire rather than the black tux. Again, think light and airy and keep the colors in earth or neutral tones. Let your groom wear a suit that feels comfortable during the ceremony and reception. This way, they won’t have to worry about getting sand all over them, and will be relaxed enough to actually enjoy the proceedings.

After all, it’s his special day too!

How to Wear Your Hair

Choosing a hairstyle is a delicate matter for a beach wedding. Now, the best option would be lose waves that would frame your face. But if this option is too simple for you, you can either add a floral headband or go for an up do.

If you have long hair, a loose braid can look pretty as well, but only if you touch it up with some light hairspray to keep the hair in the knots. Just remember to freshen up your hair 5-10 minutes before the ceremony starts. This will help you maintain your hairstyle all day.

Proper Skin Care

If your wedding is taking place during the day, keep some blotting tissues near you so that you can wipe off perspiration and oil. Also remember to blend sunscreen all over your skin so that you don’t end up getting a white reflection.

Keep your makeup light and natural. Heavy makeup can make your skin extra-shiny, not to mention that too humid weather can end up melting it off your face.

With all these details, we hope you’re able to have a stress free beach wedding!

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Pre-Wedding Research – What Every Bride Should Know

An organized bride is a happy bride. But what do you do when you don’t know where to start?
Perfect Bridal has some information in store to help you organize your big day!

Wedding Prep Info All Brides Need to Know

• Don’t Buy Undergarments too Early in Advance

The reason we say this is because many brides go through a weight fluctuation from the time they start preparing until the big day.
Thanks to stress and the several bouts of binge eating you go through, your weight will not likely be the same that it was months ago. The best time to buy wedding undergarments is after your final dress fitting so that you get the proper measurements.

• Don’t be too serious

Even the most stable-minded of us can become bridezillas. The smallest things can sometimes trigger us when we’re preparing for our big day. So instead of letting yourself get all wound up, allow your sense of humor to guide you. Watch some wedding themed movies, let go of the prep and spend the day relaxing and lazing around. Remember; a wedding is supposed to be a happy day!

• Keep Your System Clean

If you want a healthy and fresh glow, commit to this old wives tale; don’t indulge in late-night drinking. For two weeks, keep your diet healthy and stay away from any food that may cause you to break out. Don’t depend on that last minute facial to save you and get plenty of sleep before the day to avoid puffiness.

• Tone Down Your Arms

If you’re one of those brides who want to look fit and fine in their wedding dress; take our advice and start using weights for your arms. Our upper arms are the first part of the body that puffs up when we gain even a little weight. Attempt some repetitions with 1 lb weights and keep at it until the wedding day. Your final look will be the proof of your efforts.

• Choose Your Pre-Wedding Posse with Care

At this moment, you may want to skip that particularly snarky bridesmaids. The days before your wedding need to be positive and calm. But if you do end up in an emotional crisis, you need a caring party that will be able to help you, rather than increase your hysteria.

• Be careful of Your Makeup

The reason your beau is marrying you is because they love you for who you are. So if your makeup artist tries to get a bit too creative, take a stand. You should look like an enhanced version of yourself, rather than a complete stranger. Besides, if you do get too overdone, your makeup may end up clashing with your simple yet exquisite Bari Jay bridal gown!

• Thank Your Bridesmaids

You can’t just expect your bridesmaids to be grateful because you got them inexpensive bridesmaids dresses.
Your bridal party needs to know that you care. Thank them at the start of the day, and make sure to convey your gratitude after the ceremony is done. Keep their spirits up and let them know how special they are.
And these are just a few of the factors that every bride should know. If you want to know more, stay tuned to our Bridal blogs and use our advice and insight for a smoothly organized and memorable wedding day.

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A Perfect Bridal Style Guide for the Mother of the Bride (Part 1)

As mother of the bride, you have a responsibility. You must be elegant. You must be poised. But above all, you must look so absolutely stylish that your daughter would be proud to call you her doting mother!

But how do you go about such a challenging task when your idea of style is a comfy pair of jeans and hoodies? (Don’t worry we’ve all been there!)

For that, Perfect Bridal offers our expertise so you as the mommy of the bride-to-be can look forever as the queen your daughter thinks you to be.

Styling Tips for the Mother of the Bride

Get a Sense of the Theme

All weddings go by themes these days. So keep the tone of the event in mind when searching for a dress. Whether it’s formal, semi-formal, or casual; consider the chosen color scheme and search for a dress that would suit the occasion.

Ask the Bride

You can’t simply choose a mother of the bride dress without consulting your daughter. Ask the bride to dictate her choices about the hemlines, color and patterns.

Just keep in mind that while you must look absolutely gorgeous (anything less is out of the question), you cannot upstage the bride herself. And as her mother, it would not be becoming of you to commit such a faux pas.

Ask Your Comrade in Arms AKA Mother of the Groom

It is customary for the mothers of the engaged couple to coordinate with one another about the selection of the dress. The reason why you have to coordinate is so you don’t end up clashing or outshining each other. As well, it’s important that both mothers use this opportunity to bring their own flair in accordance with the theme of the wedding.

Don’t Match with the Entourage

You’re the mother of the bride, not her bridesmaid. This automatically brings you several notches above the bridal party in terms of style.

DO NOT match up your dress with what the bridesmaids are wearing. If anything, make your outfit distinguishable so that you can stand apart from the rest. You won’t have much problem in searching for such an outfit at Perfect Bridal, since our Mother of the Bride section offers a gorgeous collection of designer dresses!

Don’t Dull Down Your Shine

Your baby girl is getting married! This is an opportunity to celebrate her happiness. So you are not allowed to dress up in a frumpy or shapeless gown. This false tradition of having the mother of the bride look positively drab is one that can make the whole event seem somewhat sad.

Don’t be afraid to dress up in a tastefully designed pant suit or gown. Find some flattering designs and use the opportunity to express your style!

Now, this is just half of our style guide. If you want to find out more about styling yourself for your daughter’s special day; stay tuned and browse our Mother of the Bride section for a wide selection!

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A Bride’s Guide to Understanding Bridesmaids Etiquette

Wedding preparations for the bride can sometimes turn out to be exasperating, which is why have our small army of bridesmaids to help us lighten the load.

Our bridesmaids are our confidants and our supporters, without whom our cold feet would get the better of us. But since not every bride has had experience with bridesmaids before, do we know if we’re behaving the right way and doing the right thing?

For that, Perfect Bridal provides you with some intel.

Bridesmaids Etiquette and Common Questions

Paying for the Bridal Party’s Stay

Generally, you aren’t expected to pay for those who are attending your wedding. Just like they’ve paid for the dress and transport, your bridesmaids will be expected to carry their own responsibilities.

Now, you can help by securing a block of rooms in a hotel on a discount, but apart from that, you do not have to financially support them. Though, if you can afford to, offer to pay half of the expenses.

Having a Pregnant Bridesmaid

We’ve already covered the idea of having pregnant bridesmaid in a previous blog. Just because she’s carrying, doesn’t mean that the mom-to-be doesn’t deserve to have some fun. She can choose to wear a maternity bridesmaid’s dress by designers such as Alfred Sung of the same color as the other bridesmaids. Being pregnant really is no excuse for not allowing your friend to be in the bridal party.

Spending Limit on Bridal Gifts

As discussed before, yes you should make room for a bridal gift in your budget. But you are not required to spend a fortune on it. Keep a range of $25-$75 on the task, and use your own creativity to get your friends something that you know they’ll like – such as a magazine or box subscription, wedding keepsakes or special gifts that they can cherish.

Junior Bridesmaid or Flower Girl?

If you have a bridesmaid who may be too old for a flower girl, you can recruit her as your junior bridesmaid.
Usually, girls over the age of 10 can be bridesmaids, though she will need to wear a junior bridesmaid’s dress that has similarities to the style of the other bridesmaids. This way, she’ll feel part of the gang, rather than a child.

Seating Arrangement

Traditionally, the seating arrangement for the bridesmaids and groomsmen are boy/girl, with the best man sitting beside the bride while the maid of honor sits next to the groom. But this does not mean you cannot put all the women on your side and all the men on your groom’s. Although if you’re easygoing, you can also let them sit wherever they want.


This can get difficult, especially if all the people in your bridal party are close to you. You can have the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle according to their height. But if you want to approach them with an “importance” angle, you can arrange them in the way you’ve known them, i.e. first family, then friends and then the others.

This way, you won’t have the chance to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Imbalance between Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Let’s say that you have two bridesmaids and two groomsmen and one has dropped out. You can have the two groomsmen walk your bridesmaid down the aisle. Although if you want, you can also have them appear one by one so as to not upset the order.

As a boutique that offers gorgeous dresses for the bridal party, we at Perfect Bridal have seen our fair share of people who come to us seeking a solution to their problems. And by providing answers as we have above, we hope that you use this information to have a stress-free wedding with only happy memories.

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Can Your Bridesmaid Wear a White Dress?

“Your bridesmaids are wearing white? Say it isn’t so! How will you stand out from the crowd?”

Yes, this statement is one that many brides around the world have heard from their helpful mothers and mother-in-laws. News that a bride chose to allow her bridesmaids to wear white to her wedding is received with shock and indignation.

After all, white is a bride’s color. So why in the world would you want your bridesmaids to steal the limelight? But contrary to what many believe, in olden days, bridesmaids were exclusively told to wear white.

Why did Bridesmaids Wear White?

Before, it was believed that if bridesmaids dressed in the same color as the bride, they would be able to act as decoys in case the devil showed up and attempted to take the newly married woman!

Now, in modern times, the truth of the matter is that bridesmaids can wear white, but only if the bride wants them to. With many designers such as Allure Bridal, Dessy,Alfred Sung and Donna Morgan among others creating white bridesmaids’ dresses in different style and designs, it has become a lot easier for women to choose a dress that’s white, yet looks different than the bride’s gown.

Shades of White

Apart from being a simple color, white always looks clean, crisp and smooth, and is universally flattering. White also suits all occasions, from beach weddings to barnyard celebrations.

However, just to please those around, you can choose to have your bridesmaids wear white, but in different shades of it.


Let’s take an example of Allure Bridal’s Ivory Bridesmaids dress. With a high bateau neckline and a simple a-line silhouette, this simple and elegant ivory gown offers beauty. And while it is in a shade of white, the design of it sets it apart from the bride’s actual wedding gown.

In fact, if you even want to make it look more different, you can also choose a cocktail version of the same dress.

Soft White

This dress by Social Bridesmaids brings out the inner shade of pink to offset the color of white, thus making it look softer. With a scoop neckline, the ivory lace with a nu-georgette lining brings a certain look of elegance to the whole ensemble, allowing the perfect shade of soft white to shine through.

Off White

Off white, or as some designers prefer to call it, banana gives a hint of yellow with a combination of white. This other bridesmaids dress by Allure Bridals presents a gorgeous silhouette of asymmetrical ruching with a soft ruffled cap sleeve on a one-shoulder design. As a unique blend of modern design with a traditional color, this dress can easily be worn by your bridesmaids without causing offense to anyone.

White with Other Colors

Designs by Alfred Sung usually feature white with a combination of designs such as geometric and floral patterns. By using the starkness of white, the dresses allow the vibrancy of other colors to shine through while maintaining the balance.

While your folks may object to you allowing your bridesmaids to wear white, remember that you are the bride, and so you make all the decisions for your wedding.

If you feel happy with your bridesmaids wearing white, then ignore everyone and proceed with preparing for one of the best days of your life with the people you love.

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Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

You’re already on a budget and can’t help but frown at the thought of someone else taking over the planning of your wedding and blowing your finances out of proportion.

So you’re going to use your organizing skills and make use of them to plan the biggest day of your life. What could go wrong?

A lot, apparently!

What’s Wrong with NOT Hiring a Wedding Planner?

There are many couples out there who don’t hire wedding planners because they think it would be expensive. However, it’s only when they start having trouble booking anything they realize that perhaps they were a bit hasty with their past decision.

Contrary to what you may think, hiring a wedding planner isn’t adding an extra expense to your bridal budget. Although weddings are fun, there are many tasks that can take the enjoyment out of your preparations.

Research and Payments

Finding transport for guests and keeping track of payments can burden you. Wedding planners don’t take over the whole wedding, but use their resources and expertise to keep track of all day-to-day transactions that will slowly trickle down into the final result of your wedding. From the bridal bouquet designs to the seating charts, it is your wedding planner that takes care of all the arrangements.

Stress of Planning

You’re already trying to keep track of your family, your bridal gown, your bridal party and your grandmother. You can’t be expected to speak to the vendors and keep a cool head about it.

For many couples, the stress of planning can become so burdensome that they don’t even enjoy their special day. By bringing a professional on board, they use this extra help to get some workload off their hands so they can focus on the bigger aspects of their wedding preparations.

Finding Vendors

Many times, brides that come to Perfect Bridal to find their bridal dress, do so because we were recommended by their wedding planner.

A wedding planner keeps track of all the happenings in the industry. As such, they also try to stay ahead and keep an eye on all vendors and sources that would provide them with exceptionally trusted services. Because we provide dresses for all members of the bridal party – junior bridesmaids’ dresses and designer fabric swatches included – customers use this to have all their shopping done from one source.

Keeping Track of Time

There is a reason why the wedding day is planned almost a year earlier. Wedding preparations take time and with the entire family and some friends involved, it can take longer than usual for the couple to take care of all details.
Since couples have to plan their weddings around their schedules as well as that of their guests, it can become quite daunting to choose a date that will be perfect for everyone. For such tasks, the services of a bona fide wedding planner can be a real lifesaver.

Last-Minute Details

Details of your wedding can often be the ones that prove to be your breaking point. It can be something small as getting your wedding rings polished or it could be something as mundane as getting new socks for your groom.

Such details can become overwhelmingly frustrating at the last moment. In such instances, it can be useful to have someone to handle all the details of the wedding.

As a popular bridal boutique, we always try to get our brides to have as stress-free of a wedding as possible. So that when they walk down the aisle, the only thing that’s on their mind is the thought of their future happiness.

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