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Fall in Love With These Autumn Wedding Themes

A Masquerade Wedding

Halloween is here, and it’s one of the most fun holidays of the year. With a masquerade theme for your wedding, you can take full advantage of this costumed holiday without turning your wedding party into a haunted house or creep show.

You can incorporate masks and feathers into the reception centerpieces and place settings, and you can have a lot of fun with formal bridesmaid dresses, too. For a formal masquerade wedding, we love a Bari Jay bridesmaid dress with a sweetheart neckline, shirred bodice, and cap sleeves.

The Wizard of Oz

For an outdoor wedding, why not theme your wedding after a childhood favorite? The aisle is your yellow brick road, and who wouldn’t want to wear a pair of ruby red slippers under her wedding gown? Top the theme off with gorgeous emerald green designer bridesmaid dresses from After Six.

The scarecrow may have been the one getting his heart in the story, but you’ll be pledging yours in style with this beautiful theme amidst brilliant fall leaves.

Pumpkins Everywhere!

The pumpkin spice trend may be out of control, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use pumpkins to good measure for your wedding? Make your wedding a fall classic with cornucopias as centerpieces, pumpkin soup served in little pumpkin bowls, and chocolate brown, crimson red, and warm orange accents all over.

You can even dress your bridesmaids in matching Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses in Mandarin. The color is warm enough for fall and won’t make anyone feel like she’s dressed up like one of the pumpkins in your centerpieces.





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Be Queen for a Day – Bridal Tiaras Are In

More and more brides are forgoing the veil and choosing bridal tiaras instead, and why not? This is your day to shine, and you can be a princess (or queen) for a day in the right tiara. Better still, you can often find complementary hairpieces for your bridesmaids that both match their bridesmaid dresses – whether you’ve chosen long bridesmaid dresses or short bridesmaid dresses and whether they’re formal or semi-formal – and echo your tiara. It’s an all-around win.

Before you go off and buy the first tiara that catches your fancy, though, stop and take a breath. Buying wedding accessories is always fun, especially when you’re picking an accessory that will make you feel like royalty, but you have to make sure that you’re picking the right one – one that will go well with your wedding’s overall theme, including your dress, your bridesmaids’ dresses, etc.

Consult With Your Hair Stylist

Before you get your heart set on a particular tiara, make an appointment with your stylist. How she does your hair will have a lot to do with what you can and can’t wear on your head on your big day. She’ll also be able to make suggestions for a tiara that will top off your gown perfectly and hairpieces that will go beautifully with your designer bridesmaid dresses.

Choose a Tiara Based on Your Gown’s Shape

The rule of thumb is, “The larger the gown, the smaller the headpiece.” You don’t want your look to be overwhelming, so keep this in mind. If you have a curve-skimming sheath dress, you can choose a larger and/or taller tiara. If your gown has a very full skirt, you should probably choose a smaller one.

Also, if you’re choosing tiaras for your bridesmaids, whether you’ve chosen long bridesmaids dresses or short bridesmaid dresses, you’ll want their headpieces to be a bit smaller and simpler than your own.







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Picking the Perfect Wedding Day Jewelry

Once you’ve chosen your dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, and hairstyle, it’s time for perhaps the most fun part of wedding preparations: the jewelry! The right jewelry accents can really give you and your bridesmaids a finished, polished, and perfect look. You just have to figure out which pieces of jewelry are right.

For the Bridesmaids

You want your bridesmaids to look uniform, but you don’t necessarily want them to look like they’re in uniform. Choosing their jewelry is a great opportunity to find the perfect bridesmaid gifts and to add a little bit of personality to each of their looks.

You can either choose the same piece of jewelry for everyone, based on their bridesmaid dresses and the style and décor of the wedding, or you can choose something different for everyone. Still based on the look and style of their bridesmaid dresses, you can choose a pair of pearl earrings for one of your bridesmaids, a necklace for another, a beautiful pearl broach for your maid of honor, etc.

When choosing jewelry for your bridesmaids, think, “Less is more,” and lean toward classic pieces rather than edgy, contemporary styles.

For the Bride

If you have a strapless wedding gowns and/or an open, wide neckline dresses, a pearl or diamond necklace will be the perfect jewelry accessory. You can go with a chunkier, larger necklace if you’ve chosen an up-do for your hair and small or no earrings.

If you’ve chosen a dress with a plunging v-neck, choose a delicate pendant necklace with a single diamond, pearl, or your birthstone if it complements your wedding colors. If you have a lot going on with the neckline of your gown, you may want to choose a pair of chandelier earrings instead of a necklace.

If you choose your jewelry based on how it complements your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses, you can’t go wrong.





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Choosing a Wedding Theme that Fits You

Today there are more choices than ever for wedding venues and themes. When you think about it, it’s both liberating and intimidating. You can choose absolutely anything you’d like. Would you like to get married in a barn or a large cathedral? Is a Halloween themed wedding right for you? Or would you rather be a Disney princess for a day?

When you think about weddings you’ve been to and weddings you’ve seen pictures of, you probably like a little bit from this one and a little bit from that one, but if you try to mash it all up together, you’ll just get a mess. That’s why a unifying theme can help, but how can you choose?

Make a Pinterest Board for Your Wedding

Start the pre-planning process by making a Pinterest board for wedding ideas. The more you pin, the more you’ll start to see a theme emerge. For example, you may have one image of a beautiful cathedral wedding, but all of your other Pins are of grassy outdoor weddings and garden weddings. You’re telling yourself something, and when you look back at your board in a month, when you start really planning, you’ll have a better idea of what you really want.

What’s Your Style Like?

When you look at wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, what do you gravitate toward? Do you love the fairytale look? Are you swept away by draped, flowing, semi-formal designer bridesmaid dresses? Do you find yourself entranced by flowing, long bridesmaid dresses? Do you tend to linger over chiffon bridesmaid dresses? The style of gowns and long or short bridesmaid dresses you like the most will also inform the style of décor you choose and your venue.

What’s Your Personality as a Couple?

Now, think about your relationship with your groom-to-be? Are the two of you adventurous? Are you always out on the town? Or are you happiest when the two of you are cuddled up in a blanket on the couch? Answering these questions will help you determine how formal you want your wedding to be and where you want it to be.

Taking the time to think about your favorite wedding details, bridesmaid dresses, and your relationship will help you come to a great decision for your wedding theme.




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Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses to Flatter Every Shape

You’ve chosen your bridesmaids because they’re your best friends. They’re the women who’ve been there for you every time you needed them over the years, and now you want them to share your special day. Choosing your bridesmaids was easy, but now you have to choose your bridesmaids’ dresses.

We’ve all heard (and lived) nightmare stories of terrible bridesmaid dresses – dresses that fit horribly, with itchy fabric and colors that made everyone look sallow and sickly. You don’t want to be the bride to choose that bridesmaid dress, but what can you do?

1. Look at Your Bridesmaids

First, take a look at the women who will be standing next to you on your big day. What styles of dresses do they normally wear? What silhouettes fit them best? How tall are they? What are their problem areas? It might seem mean to focus on your friends’ imperfections, but you don’t want to highlight parts of their bodies that they aren’t comfortable with or don’t like on the big day. That’s just going to result in awkward pictures and memories.

2. Choose Designer Bridesmaid Dresses

Designer bridesmaid dresses generally have better cuts, colors, and fits than off-the-rack dresses, and they’re much more likely to fit everyone in a flattering way. If you’re worried about price, you can usually find great deals when you look online for , even designer dresses.

3. Choose a Universal Style

A-line, princess-waist, and Grecian inspired dresses look beautiful and graceful on almost all body types. These styles of bridesmaid dresses such as Dessy dresses have room to move and will often hide imperfections and flaws. Wide straps, cap sleeves, and three-quarter sleeves are also usually safer than strapless gowns unless, of course, all of your bridesmaids have been in the gym working on their shoulders, in which case, let them show off!





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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Choosing the perfect palette for your wedding isn’t as easy as picking your favorite color. You may be a huge fan of sunny yellow hues, but if you choose yellow and all of your bridesmaids don’t have pink or bronze undertones to their skin, they’ll end up looking washed out and sickly.

You also have to think about your venue and its color scheme. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of time and money just to find that your décor clashes and looks glaringly bad in your wedding photos. So, here are a few helpful tips for choosing your wedding colors.

Start With a Selection of Colors You Like

First, choose a few different colors that you like and that you would like to see accenting your beautiful white dresses and décor on your wedding day. You can grab some paint samples from the hardware store for visual aids. Spread these out in front of you and think about each one. If you wouldn’t be happy with one, take it out of the selection.

Ask Your Bridesmaids

Next, take your color selections to your bridesmaids and talk to them about which colors will work best for their bridesmaid dresses. Remember that you can go online for designer bridesmaid dresses at discount prices and that many of them come in a wide variety of colors.

Your bridesmaids should be able to help you narrow the selection down even more. Once you’ve done this, take your color samples to your wedding venue and see how they match. This should tell you which color(s) will work best for your bridesmaids’ dresses, your décor, and your general wedding theme.

Now you just have to find the right bridesmaid dresses in that lovely hue!




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Choosing the Right Neckline for Your Wedding Dress

There’s so much to choose from when you’re thinking about your wedding dress. If you’re starting from the point of saying, “I’m getting married, and I need a dress,” then you really have the whole world in front of you. It can get really overwhelming, really quickly. You could go short or long, lace or satin, white or cream, and the list goes on.

Let’s talk about narrowing it down. Before you even decide what length gown you want, let’s talk about your different neckline. It’s going to be visible in almost every picture taken of you on your wedding day. You want it to be perfect for your shape and features. Here are some examples of necklines and how they work with different body types.

Bateau (or boat) necks don’t show much, if any, cleavage. The scoop from one shoulder to the other, symmetrically, showing off your clavicle. They’re great for apple-shaped women who want to minimize bust and waistlines. They also lend a delicate look to just about any figure.

Sweetheart necklines are classic and gorgeous. The bustline of this gown will dip just slightly in the middle, giving the top of your gown the shape of the top of a heart – hence, the name. A shallow sweetheart neckline can be good for either bustier brides or ladies who’d like the illusion of being a little bit bustier than they really are.

Strapless wedding dresses that cut straight across or in a convex curve over the bust line are great for women with toned shoulders and arms. You’ve worked hard for those; show them off!

Asymmetric and one shoulder neckline dresses elongate the neck, minimize the waist, and accentuate the bust without over-accentuating cleavage or showing any décolletage.

Once you’ve found the right neckline, you can narrow your search to length and material. Before you know it, you’ll be set!

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How to Pick the Best Wedding Dress for Your Shape

For years, it seems, strapless gowns have been de rigueur for wedding dresses. You actually have to hunt for gowns that will flatter a busty figure or a bride who doesn’t have perfect shoulders and arms. However, really, there are all kinds of shapes and styles of gowns out there, and there’s one that will fit you perfectly.

If you’re a little bit top-heavy or you don’t particularly like your shoulders and upper arms, don’t try to make it work with a strapless gown. You’ll look and feel better if you go with cap sleeves or long sleeves instead. Even if you go with an arm-baring dress, you can cover up problem areas with a matching wrap.

If you don’t want to worry about sucking in your tummy all day, an empire waist or A-line dress will do wonders for you. You’ll be able to feel loose and relaxed, and the high waist will still create a beautiful hourglass silhouette.

If you’re petite, you might actually want to consider a shorter style of dress, as all that fabric can be overwhelming. If you want a long gown, consider something that’s a bit lighter and more figure skimming. Remember, the goal is to wear your dress, not to let your dress wear you.

If you’re pear-shaped, dressmakers and fashion experts recommend that you look for a skirt that flares out slowly toward the floor. This will balance your top and bottom. If you’re apple-shaped, the experts recommend a dress with a cinched waist at your natural waistline. This will create an hourglass silhouette instead of a round one.

Most importantly, choose a dress that makes you feel gorgeous. No matter what anyone tells you, if you don’t like it, it’s not the right dress for you.




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Break These Wedding Etiquette Rules!

As you approach your wedding, you’re going to get a lot of advice, and a lot of people will come up to you with some pretty silly-sounding rules about your big day. Well, guess what. It’s your day. Here are just a few of the rules we think every bride should break.

Wearing a Veil

Veils are pretty, but they just don’t go with all wedding dresses. Some brides like them and some don’t. You don’t have to break this rule, but we’d love to see some more interesting headgear on the beautiful brides walking down the aisle this year.

Tossing the Bouquet

Let’s face it. Not all of your single lady friends want to get married. Not all of them want to compete for the chance to get married next. Your bouquet is beautiful, and you spent a lot of time picking it out. We think you should preserve and keep it. There’s even a new trend of paper and jeweled bouquets that aren’t made from actual flowers. Why throw that away when you could keep it for your daughter’s wedding one day?

It Must Be White

White is beautiful, and it’s traditional, but if you don’t want a white wedding dress, you don’t have to wear one. What’s your favorite color? Would you prefer to wear something that will make your skin glow and your eyes stand out with their beautiful sparkle? You can! We give you permission to choose a gown in whatever color you like.

If you love the way your skin looks against darker colors, you could even be so bold as to wear a black gown on your wedding day.

Remember, it’s your day. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do, especially when it comes to your wedding style.




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Something Blue – Accessorizing Your Wedding Day

You know the old rhyme. They say you need something old, new, borrowed, and blue, but what you really need are some great accessories that make your ensemble look especially you. There’s so much emphasis on the gown, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the shoes (that no one sees!), and everything else that it’s easy to forget to accessorize.

You don’t have to go all-out with your wedding day jewelry and accessories, but you shouldn’t go without, either. Whether you’re one for tradition or not, wearing a piece of family jewelry or a borrowed necklace from an old friend can be fun and inspiring for your special day.

A lot of brides wear pearl necklaces or earrings. These are a great addition to the look. They don’t make a huge statement, but they’re delicate and traditional. Sometimes that’s all you want in an accessory. On the other hand, you might want to accent your glowing white gown with a bright blue or purple necklace. Remember that your bouquet will act as an accessory, too, though. We’re seeing larger waterfall-style bouquets all over the place for spring weddings this year, and we love them. You might want to match your necklace or earrings to your bouquet if you go this route.

Whether you choose contrasting or matching jewelry, we recommend keeping it understated. Choose either a necklace or a bangle bracelet, large chandelier earrings or a statement ring on your right hand.

As traditional and expected as you might think they are, veils have become almost optional for many brides. Instead, a lot of brides are choosing fascinators in white or contrasting colors. Consider a deep green or red one as a beautiful and unique accessory with a tiny white veil instead of a traditional veil.

Source: www.perfectbridal.com, www.dessy.com

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