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Your Ultimate Bridal Gown Glossary (Part 2)

Before going to buy a bridal gown, it is important that you know everything there is to know about wedding gowns so you can create the best look possible. Carrying on with part two, we at Perfect Bridal shall bestow our wisdom on you in regards to necklines, sleeves and the different laces that adorn your favorite gowns.



Like a halter top, this neckline has a string or a strap that ties around the back of the neck. The front of the neck can either be a plain style or a keyhole opening.

High Collar

The neck and base of the throat are covered by fabric, with a keyhole opening above the chest through which a piece of jewelry shows.


Jewel is a round neckline that sits against the base of the throat.

Off the Shoulder

In this style, the fabric is wrapped around the upper arms with the shoulders, collarbone and neck completely left bare.

One Shoulder

A neckline usually associated with the asymmetrical silhouette, this neckline angles up towards one shoulder while leaving the other completely bare.


Scoop neckline curves towards the bottom half of the circle, like a scoop.


The neckline is supported without any shoulder straps or is dipped in a curved design and a fitted bodice to help support the curve.


As a basic heart shape, this neckline meets in the middle like a v-neck and covers each breast with rounded fabric. This neckline is very popular in designer bridesmaids’ dresses.



Full, round and up the shoulder and upper arm, the balloon shaped sleeve is usually worn in full sleeves and narrows down over the lower arm and waist.


Bell sleeves fit over the bicep and flare down and outwards as they proceed down the forearm. Bell sleeves are usually designed to add a classier touch to an unembellished gown.


Cap sleeves pouf up over the shoulder in a bell-sleeve style; gather under or against the very top of the arm. This style is usually chosen to achieve a sleeveless look.

Spaghetti Strap

This style of sleeves holds up the gown by using slim straps of fabric or bands over each shoulder.


Also known as a crisscross sleeve, this style covers the shoulder with several flaps of fabric, each overlapping the other, resulting in a petal-style tulip shape.



This style of lace uses images of flowers over the netting and completes the look by including an embroidered accent, although the choice of accent can be adjusted according to taste. A lighter version of Alencon which is called Lyon is created with a thinner cord.


Commonly used in designer dresses, Chantilly is a delicate floral lace design that uses scallops and ribbons to set an intricate net background.


Repeated floral or geometric designs that are connected or set in delicate threadwork are often designed in a large pattern in the Guipure design.


Duchesse designs are often floral or have a lacy arch and scroll design. This design is featured on raised stitching to give a more textured pattern.


Intertwined with connected threading, this lightweight design is often created with a floral motif and accentuated with intricate embroidery.


Known by many as Venise, this style is often created in geometric or floral pattern that’s not attached to any netting. This style is typically used in an appliqué design which requires heavy lace embroidery.
Although this is just a start of the terms, these basic ‘few’ will surely help you on your bridal gown quest. So now that you’re ready to shop, contact Perfect Bridal and get cracking on the search for the perfect designer gown for your special day.

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Your Ultimate Bridal Gown Glossary (Part 1)

Silhouettes, sleeves, waistlines, necklines, fabrics, embellishments; who knew there were so many terms related to wedding gowns? Buying bridal gowns is already a very difficult task, and with the seemingly countless list of wedding gown terms, the whole job can seem even more intimidating.

So before you go shopping for your dream wedding gown, perhaps you should brush up on some of the basic information that can help you make the right bridal gown decision, courtesy of Perfect Bridal.

Gown Silhouettes


A-line gowns come with a fitted bodice that is nipped around the waist to create a modestly flared, A-style skirt. This design is one of the most popular styles as it suits almost any body type.


Considered slimming for many, this silhouette is created by uneven vertical panels to add an exaggerated flare to the classic A-line gown.

Ball Gown

The fitted bodice is attached to a long, flowing shirt which flares with the help of petticoats or can-cans to add more fullness.


Featured with one shoulder strap or layers that create an uneven or spatial silhouette, this dress mostly suits those who are looking for a gown that accentuates their curves.

Empire Waist

Distinguished by a high waist that sits just below the bust, the empire waist silhouette elongates the body and conceals a large or small bust. This style is usually popular with pear shaped figures.


Sheath dresses are body-huffing and do not feature a fitted waist. As such, they are long, slim and unconstructed in style.


Also known as trumpet or fishtail, this silhouette hugs the body throughout and flairs out around the thighs or knees, according to your taste. The flare of the skirt is also usually exaggerated but can be designed to have a smaller flair instead. Mermaid style dresses suit tall, athletic women well, and work to accentuate their figure.



This fabric is usually the most common fabric as it is sheer. Chiffon is made from silk, polyester or cotton.


Lightweight and soft, this fabric is popular for summer weddings. However, extra care is needed for this fabric can get crinkled or crimped.


Heavy and woven, this fabric is created with a raised or sculpted design and is typically opted for winter weddings.


Sheer and translucent, this fine and textured material is made from silk, nylon or polyester.


Tulle is a stiff and sheer mesh that is made from rayon, cotton, silk or nylon.


Very popular in wedding gowns and designer bridesmaids’ dresses, taffeta is a high-end woven fabric that illuminates with a slight sheen. Taffeta is of two types; piece-dyed taffeta and yarn-dyed taffeta. The former is used as a lining material, whereas the latter is mostly used for gowns.


Available in different weights and color, satin is very commonly used in designer gowns and is glossy, smooth and densely woven.

Know enough about silhouettes and fabrics? But wait, there’s more! In the next part, we focus on laces, necklines and sleeves so you can study up on your bridal gown wisdom. So stay tuned for part 2!

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Bridal Gown Tips for the Budget Shoppers

If only we were all born rich! But sadly, we’re not. For those with a dream to look like a million dollars on their wedding day, this realization of not being able to afford the ultimate wedding gown can be quite a damper in the quest for a happy wedding day.

Wedding gowns are very expensive – to say the least. So before you head out to buy your bridal gown for your dream wedding, here are just a few pointers you should keep in mind so that you get the best gown possible for a good price.

Budget Bridal Shopping Know-How

Have a Number in Mind

You have to be realistic about your wedding gown price range, which means editing down the options you might buy. Calculate the actual cost of the gown, any cost of alterations, shipping fees and taxes. Also factor in all the other expenses such as lingerie, shoes, jewelry and veil since they can make an easy $500 addition to your total bridal wear cost.

Start Shopping Early

Since you will need at least six to eight months to prepare for the wedding, shop for your dress in the first few months so that your tailor has plenty of time to make sure that your gown fits. Along with which, this time can also be a life saver for you if you suddenly spot a dress than is even more fabulous than the one you had originally picked.

Figure Out Your Style

Narrow down your dress style and rule out any fabrics and silhouettes that don’t work for you.
You can also ask a retailer or a bridal boutique such as Perfect Bridal to help you understand which style will suit you. Many a times, brides come to us because they are indecisive. As professionals, we help them pinpoint their bridal style within hours.

Let the Bridal Boutique Make Recommendations

Bridal boutiques cater to countless brides so if they make a recommendation for you, don’t dismiss it with a first glance. So often, brides end up loving the dress that didn’t seem too festive on the hanger. So let go of any preconceived notions and keep an open mind and patient demeanor when buying your designer gown.

Pick the Right Time

While you may think that it’s better to head with your bridal posse on a weekend, you’ll actually be picking the worst time to shop. Weekends are very busy. If you want to have a quiet atmosphere and attention from the consultant, opt for a Tuesday morning when the store is calmer. Take the whole day off and go with your closest people, instead of the whole entourage. That way, you can buy a gown without too many contradicting opinions.

Lastly, trust your instinct. If your mother is pressuring you to buy a different designer dress while your heart’s set on an Allure Romance bridal gown, opt for your own choice. Always remember; if you don’t see yourself walking down the aisle in it, it’s not for you.

With these tips, we at Perfect Bridal hope that your budget bridal shopping goes without a hitch. But if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Reference: http://www.casablancabridal.com/blog/casablancabride-stephanie-dellino/

Protograghed by Theresa Moran

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A Short Guide to Buying Your Bridal Gown Online

However, shopping online for something as important as a bridal gown is risky business.
After all, not all websites are as trust-worthy as Perfect Bridal. From helping you note down the measurements to sending your bridesmaids’ dresses, color swatches, we take care of all bridal party essentials and more. So it’s fairly obvious that you would rely on us instead to buy your beloved gown.
But how do you decide on the right gown online? That’s where we help.

Choosing Your Bridal Gown Online

Know Your Body Type

Are you a pear or a square? Knowing your body type can greatly help you narrow down your choices online. The first thing you should do to evaluate your body type is measure your bust, waist and hips properly.

This way, you will be able to get a wide selection of silhouettes, necklines and waist lines that will flatter your figure, rather than make you look awkward.

Understand the Fabric

Fabrics are stretchy, silky, itchy and sometimes beautiful. You need to figure out which fabric suits you best. In order to have the right gown, you need to be relentless with your choice of fabric. Eliminate any fabric that does not suit you, or just doesn’t seem right on your physique.

It is important that you learn not to just rely on the photograph. If you’re ordering a one-of-a-kind Bari Jay bridal gown from Perfect Bridal, ask us to send you a swatch or two of the fabric first, so you can determine the color, quality and feel of the material.

Read the Descriptions

If you’ve had wines, you know how each note described on the side of the bottle perfectly expresses the taste. In the same way, the way a dress is described is the way it is supposed to be depicted. Although there are a lot of other places that offer inexpensive gowns and knockoffs, you know that you usually get very disappointed by the quality.

Understand that you simply cannot have such a dress for the happiest day of your life, unless you want to be worrying about that sudden snag on the side of your gown while reciting your vows.

Use the Customization Options

Many websites like Perfect Bridal offer an array of customizable options such as different colors, train length, extra sizes and others.
Take advantage of these options when they are made available to you so that your dress can be made-to-order. Although you may be charged, the money you spend on these options will be a lot less than what you would spend if you buy a ready-to-wear gown.

Read the Shipping Options and Return Policy

Many websites have options for shipping immediately, while others take months to deliver. When looking to buy a gown online, check the shipping, cancellation and return options so that you have a proper idea of what you’re getting into.
Remember that made-to-order gowns are not returnable, so you will need to be sure about your measurements when you order. You don’t want to end up with an ill-fitting Alfred Angelo wedding dress.
Lastly, when you’re looking for a dress, ask customer service to help you so that you can get the right guidance all the way. So get started on shopping for your bridal gown online so that you can walk down the aisle knowing that you have wowed everyone.

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What To Do When You’re A Pregnant Bridesmaid

For a pregnant bridesmaid, her level of anxiety becomes almost equal to that of the bride. How will she fit in her dress? How will she help the bride on the wedding day? And most importantly, how will she dance and have fun?

While we may ask you to take your enthusiasm down a notch on the wedding day, the one thing we can surely help you with is choosing the perfect maternity bridesmaids dress.

Picking a Maternity Bridesmaids Dress

Measure Yourself

The first thing that usually goes when you become pregnant is your waist, so you might want to forget about that body-hugging gown you spotted.

Get a professional in the lingerie business to measure your waist, bust and hip so that you can get accurate readings. Although, your bust and hip measurement will be the only one that will matter, since your waist will keep growing as you move along in your pregnancy.

Check the Time

If the wedding is in a month’s time, account for that when you go shopping for affordable bridesmaids dresses. Generally, bridesmaids’ dresses need to be ordered early so that you can get a good idea about the measurements and fabric. However, it’s still a good idea to wait until you’re close to the wedding date to avoid any dress malfunctions.

Which Trimester?

If you’re under four months, you can choose to order the same gown as the other bridesmaids, although it should be a size or two larger. However, if you’re five or more months pregnant, you should definitely go for the maternity bridesmaids dresses. Usually, maternity dresses are available in a variety of colors, so you won’t have to worry about inconveniencing the bride.

Empire Waist

The most flattering option when it comes to buying affordable bridesmaids’ dresses is an empire waist wedding dress.
For a pregnant woman, the empire waist provides a certain level of comfort, since you will be able to wear your dress without worrying about any snags or tears. It will also be very freeing for your growing belly.

Proper Fabric

Satin can make you sweat on a hot day, so it’s probably best to not opt for a dress of that fabric.
Instead, go for a flowy chiffon fabric, since it is very soft on your skin. In fact, you can also use chiffon to add another layer of liner to accommodate your belly.

Extra Length

This is very important. The reason you should order a dress with extra length is so that the hemline doesn’t reach up high on the front when you wear it. You can always hem it later, but for the meantime, choose an extra length to ensure your comfort.
As a pregnant bridesmaid, you have a lot on your hands. But with these tips, we at Perfect Bridal hope that you can use our advice to have a happy experience at your loved one’s wedding without worrying about your style or the baby.

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Accessorizing for Your Special Day

Shopping for your wedding day is fun. And shopping for accessories is definitely up there with one of the best things to do but not for those who don’t know how to search for the right accessory.

But now that you’ve found the perfect Allure Romance bridal gown, you need the perfect accessories to add those final touches to your overall look. And for that, Perfect Bridal is here to help.

Accessorizing Your Wedding Look

Let Your Dress Be Your Guide

As a general rule, gold is usually worn with ivory, so you can opt for that since it highlights the creaming tint of the fabric. However, for a pure white dress, the best way to accentuate the details is by going with silver or platinum. Whereas with diamond white gowns, it is always best to go for pearls. Gold clashes with brighter white hues, but with pearls, you can use their pearly shade to make your gown look amazing. Just make sure to not look overdone. For instance, if your dress is embedded with silver beadwork, try a necklace with a silver base to highlight the intricacy.

Don’t Go Overboard

You don’t need to wear a bracelet, a necklace, veil, earrings and a sash on top. Accessories add elegance, but going over-the-top can ruin the look of your gown.

Choose to add a more unique touch to your look. If your dress has an ornate neckline, wear drop earrings to accentuate the length of your neck instead of crowding it with a necklace. As for simpler looks, try bold statement necklaces to add the oomph factor. Do not wear designs that mimic the design of your gown, as that will look too cheesy.

Wear Your Hair

When accessorizing, remember to take your hairstyle into account so that it doesn’t end up hiding your jewelry. With an up do, opt for a more dramatic look, like dangling earrings. If you’re leaving your hair down, wear small studs so that they subtly flash from behind your tresses.

Use the Veil

A veil is an iconic accessory. With different styles available in veils, you can choose a veil that complements the look of your dress. Your veil has to match the exact shade of the gown so that there is no color blockage.

Also, if you’re wearing a dress which has an embroidered back or beading, it is always better to choose a sheer veil so that you can show off the design. Veils also come in different sizes from waltz and floor-length to birdcages, which can work well if you’re going for a retro vibe.

Floral Addition

You can also use flowers as accessories to make your gown look beautiful and ethereal. Flowers are forever, the best way to add color to your gown. You may choose to wear flowers in your hair or around your neck and wrists in the same color as your bridal bouquet. But if you want to add a fun and whimsical touch, you can also choose to wear wild flowers to bring some vibrancy to your gown.
Accessorizing is always fun. So give yourself these options to look even the best you can be. If you want to know more, contact Perfect Bridal for some professional help with your bridal fashion dilemmas.

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Outdoor Wedding Problems – Here’s How You Can Keep The Bottom Of Your Wedding Gown Clean

You can’t wait to start dancing the night away when suddenly, you notice something. The bottom of your darling Bari Jay Bridal gown looks like you’ve just trudged through the mud, even though all you did was walk about in your outdoor venue.

You realize you shouldn’t have said yes when your beau had coquettishly asked you to host the wedding in their childhood park.

But then again, maybe it isn’t the outdoor venue’s fault. Yes, outdoor venues do come with their share of challenges for your white gown, but if you’re a smart bride, you know that a little mud and dust should be nothing to be upset about. Instead, it should be something that should be thought of with some foresight, with a little help from Perfect Bridal, of course.

Saying ‘I Do’ Outdoors in a Clean Gown

Invest in a Bridal Petticoat

You may not think so, but a petticoat can really be a very useful investment. Worn under the gown, a petticoat gently lifts the hem of your dress off the ground, keeping it safe from any unsightly stains such as wet grass or dirt, etc.

A petticoat is also very useful for any stationary photo shoots since it keeps your dress in somewhat pristine shape until the ceremony and after.

Use a Sheet

If you can’t afford a petticoat then never fear. Your mother’s old bed sheets are here to save you. Wrapping a sheet around the bottom half of your gown can help save the gown from any splatters or stains that might occur. Moreover, if you’re having an outdoor photo shoot, your photographer can also cover the ground with a sheet so you can stay protected from the earth, figuratively speaking.

Bustle it up

Bustles help secure your dress so that it is lifted well above the ground. However, bustles have a tendency to snap if you become too enthusiastic busting out your favorite move. So it’s always a good idea to attach some safety pins to the underside of the gown so that it stays in its place.

Protect the Fabric

Using a fabric protector spray can also help in preventing your gown from getting dirty. The trick is to spray the hem enough that it stays protected in such a way that the part that is sprayed and the part that isn’t doesn’t become prominent. However, it might be better to just leave the spraying part to a professional so that you don’t end up with a cardboard stiff lower gown because you misused the product.

Get Some Minions

We’re kidding. But really, getting the help of your hubby-to-be or your trusted squad of bridesmaids to lift up the bottom of your gown can really help since it eliminates the chances of your dress becoming stained.

Always utilize the help of those around you. After all, that’s what they’re there for.

Make an Effort to Stay Clean

Lastly, just be careful. If you know that the outdoor area might have asphalt, concrete, puddles or anything that could cause stains, adjust your gown accordingly so that you can relax and have fun without worrying about the fabric.

Outdoor weddings can be fun, but only if you take certain measures. If your Alfred Sung dress does get too dirty, follow this last bit of advice; forget about it and have fun. That’s nothing a dry cleaner can’t get out the next day.

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The Dos of Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress

Whether you’re choosing your bridal party dresses for a beach wedding, or an elegant selection for your black and white affair, knowing how to choose the right dress can make all the difference in the world.Your dream wedding deserves all the perfect setting, from the caterers to the gown. And while you can ask your friends and family to pitch in for everything, the gown is what deserves your undivided attention.

Your wedding gown has to be perfect. It has to reflect your personality as much as your dream wishes. But for those brides who have zero knowledge about bridal wear, doing so can be a bit of a hassle. Here are some dos and don’ts of choosing your wedding dress, starting with the Dos.

DO Find a Silhouette That Suits You

There are many different wedding dress types out there, all of which you will love, so choose wisely. Details of a wedding dress are important. A simple ruffle here and a row of pearls there can enhance the wedding dress. However focus on choosing the right wedding dress before you decide on the details. Try on different dresses that suit your personal style and frame. Remember that while the trends of the season might say something else, your personal taste is what matters.

DO Take a Picture

This depends on your boutique’s rules. A picture can tell you exactly how you look, and while it may be against the boutique’s rules, you can ask them if they can take the picture and delete it themselves later. Instead of relying on your reflection, use a camera and see how the dress will look from all angles. You may think it okay to rely on your mirror to tell you how you look, it’s better to look through the critical eye of a camera so you can make the right choice.

DO Have Faith in Fashion

Although for a dress, it may look simple on the hanger; many times the exact same dresses look gorgeous once you try them on. In fact, when choosing a dress, try on as many as you want to see how they look on your shape and size. It is normal for a bride to take time to find their perfect gown. Just make sure that you don’t suffer from wedding dress overload, something which we will discuss in our next blog.

DO Spend Some Money on Your Skivvies

Well-fitted undergarments have the power to make you either look like a frump or a queen. When trying on wedding dresses, remember that you will be spending a moderate amount of time in your undergarments. Instead of opting for that old reliable grey one you’ve had for years, spend some money and get fitted for a new bra.
Looking at yourself in that new set of undergarments between gowns will make you feel happier with your overall look, which is definitely something you need when searching for the right gown.
Do you want to know the don’ts of choosing your dream wedding dress now? Then stay tuned to find out.

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The Don’ts of Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Don’t Go into Wedding Dress Overload

This is what happens if you try on dresses in every dress you go to. Choosing a wedding dress can be difficult, but only if you force yourself to wear every design you think might look good on you. And more often than not, you end up going back to the first boutique and buying the gown you most favored from there. To stop yourself from having too many choices, go to a bridal salon that carries gowns by the top three designers who make gowns according to your taste.

Don’t Go With Your Entourage If You Don’t Want to

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to bring everyone with you when you go to try on wedding dresses. Although you can bring your mother or best friend along, most of the time, many brides opt for going alone when choosing their wedding dress, so they can focus on their own thoughts and opinion about what looks good on them and what doesn’t.

Don’t Schedule Your Appointment in the Afternoon

Instead, beat the crowds by going in early. By being one of the firsts, you will not only get your pick from the dresses, but you will also have the staff’s full attention. Also, going early can be very beneficial for you since your only audience will be your family and not the other bridal parties who are also looking for a good gown.

Don’t Pick a Dress Because It’s in Fashion

Flipping through bridal magazines and choosing one based on how it looks on the model will just not do. Your gown has to be classic and that can’t happen if you make your choice based on whether that design is in fashion or not. Luckily there are many wedding dresses types available in different silhouettes and designs here at Perfect Bridal which might be just perfect for you.

Don’t Worry About the Size

Before you freak out about your weight gain or loss, keep in mind that bridal gowns are made in different sizes, so your regular dress size might not work with bridal wear.
Be realistic about your size and pay attention to the details and the design of the dress, rather than what’s on the label. Try to control your emotions. And if you need more reassurance, wear your trusted jeans to tell yourself that you have not blimped up.

Don’t Be Flaky About Your Accessories

All sales are final. Yes, we know this sentence is very intimidating, but remember that it is also a reminder for you to be careful when searching for your gown and accessories. Impulse buying cannot work during your bridal shopping. Instead of going for that overly expensive ornamental straw hat for your wedding which won’t go with any of your other outfits, get the simple veil so that it can at least be used by someone else who gets married after you.
And that’s not all. Want to get the right guidance for your wedding dress? Then go ahead and contact Perfect Bridal, and get the perfect dress for your perfect day.

Reference: www.allurebridals.com

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Planning a Winter Wedding? Here’s what You should know

Winter weddings come with their fair share of bliss and problems. On one side, you have the beautiful background of white heaven; on the other, you have withered flowers, a sheer wedding gown which was not made to combat the cold wind and guests who get snowed in.

So when it comes to having a wedding in the winter season, what should you do to make sure that your big day stays perfect? Winter weddings need more than some heavy planning; they need all the help they can get. So to give you some pearls of wisdom, we at Perfect Bridal let you in on some tips to make sure that your winter wedding is exactly what you’ve always dreamed it would be!

Winter Wedding Tips

Think of the Discounts

Winter isn’t exactly the peak wedding season. This means that you’ll be able to get some major discounts on many aspects of your wedding such as the venue, photographer, DJ and transportation. However, you might have some trouble getting your favorite choice of flowers since there aren’t many flowers in season during winter.

Add the Weather Element

There is nothing better than embracing the winter season on your special day to make the day seem even more magical. Along with winter-themed decorations, you can also go wintry with the party favors. Add some sparkles, cookies, candy canes, a small bottle of Baileys or any cute or wintry option that you like so that your day becomes memorable for all.

Accommodate Your Guests’ Wishes

If some guests RSVP ‘no’, don’t get upset. Elderly guests or those who live out of town might find the travel route to be too tedious, especially if there are any weather conditions such as icy roads or airline delays. But for those guests who do come, make sure to ensure their comfort by providing a hot drink on arrival.

Keep the Venue Up-To-Date

If possible, try to keep the ceremony up-to-date since no one would want to travel to another location if the weather is particularly bad. Keep the venue close to where you will be staying as it bad weather will mean that you’ll be stuck in traffic if you don’t count the extra time. Also, when choosing the location, remember that it will be around the winter holidays, so you may see a lot of Christmas decorations. You can however, ask for them to be taken down if they are not to your taste.

Get the Right Bridesmaid’s Dress

Remember that more than you; your bridesmaids will be doing the running about to make sure that everything is on point. Make sure that you get bridesmaids dresses by design rather than color, which are easily manageable for them, and have cover-ups ready in case someone feels the heady cold feeling coming on.

And in case you’re wondering where to get the buy the right bridesmaids dress, you can simply click here to go to Perfect Bridal’s Bridesmaids’ Dress collection. If you want to know more, contact us and get the best advice from the professionals in the wedding business.

Reference: http://www.allurebridals.com/blog

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