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Can Your Bridesmaid Wear a White Dress?

“Your bridesmaids are wearing white? Say it isn’t so! How will you stand out from the crowd?”

Yes, this statement is one that many brides around the world have heard from their helpful mothers and mother-in-laws. News that a bride chose to allow her bridesmaids to wear white to her wedding is received with shock and indignation.

After all, white is a bride’s color. So why in the world would you want your bridesmaids to steal the limelight? But contrary to what many believe, in olden days, bridesmaids were exclusively told to wear white.

Why did Bridesmaids Wear White?

Before, it was believed that if bridesmaids dressed in the same color as the bride, they would be able to act as decoys in case the devil showed up and attempted to take the newly married woman!

Now, in modern times, the truth of the matter is that bridesmaids can wear white, but only if the bride wants them to. With many designers such as Allure Bridal, Dessy,Alfred Sung and Donna Morgan among others creating white bridesmaids’ dresses in different style and designs, it has become a lot easier for women to choose a dress that’s white, yet looks different than the bride’s gown.

Shades of White

Apart from being a simple color, white always looks clean, crisp and smooth, and is universally flattering. White also suits all occasions, from beach weddings to barnyard celebrations.

However, just to please those around, you can choose to have your bridesmaids wear white, but in different shades of it.


Let’s take an example of Allure Bridal’s Ivory Bridesmaids dress. With a high bateau neckline and a simple a-line silhouette, this simple and elegant ivory gown offers beauty. And while it is in a shade of white, the design of it sets it apart from the bride’s actual wedding gown.

In fact, if you even want to make it look more different, you can also choose a cocktail version of the same dress.

Soft White

This dress by Social Bridesmaids brings out the inner shade of pink to offset the color of white, thus making it look softer. With a scoop neckline, the ivory lace with a nu-georgette lining brings a certain look of elegance to the whole ensemble, allowing the perfect shade of soft white to shine through.

Off White

Off white, or as some designers prefer to call it, banana gives a hint of yellow with a combination of white. This other bridesmaids dress by Allure Bridals presents a gorgeous silhouette of asymmetrical ruching with a soft ruffled cap sleeve on a one-shoulder design. As a unique blend of modern design with a traditional color, this dress can easily be worn by your bridesmaids without causing offense to anyone.

White with Other Colors

Designs by Alfred Sung usually feature white with a combination of designs such as geometric and floral patterns. By using the starkness of white, the dresses allow the vibrancy of other colors to shine through while maintaining the balance.

While your folks may object to you allowing your bridesmaids to wear white, remember that you are the bride, and so you make all the decisions for your wedding.

If you feel happy with your bridesmaids wearing white, then ignore everyone and proceed with preparing for one of the best days of your life with the people you love.

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Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

You’re already on a budget and can’t help but frown at the thought of someone else taking over the planning of your wedding and blowing your finances out of proportion.

So you’re going to use your organizing skills and make use of them to plan the biggest day of your life. What could go wrong?

A lot, apparently!

What’s Wrong with NOT Hiring a Wedding Planner?

There are many couples out there who don’t hire wedding planners because they think it would be expensive. However, it’s only when they start having trouble booking anything they realize that perhaps they were a bit hasty with their past decision.

Contrary to what you may think, hiring a wedding planner isn’t adding an extra expense to your bridal budget. Although weddings are fun, there are many tasks that can take the enjoyment out of your preparations.

Research and Payments

Finding transport for guests and keeping track of payments can burden you. Wedding planners don’t take over the whole wedding, but use their resources and expertise to keep track of all day-to-day transactions that will slowly trickle down into the final result of your wedding. From the bridal bouquet designs to the seating charts, it is your wedding planner that takes care of all the arrangements.

Stress of Planning

You’re already trying to keep track of your family, your bridal gown, your bridal party and your grandmother. You can’t be expected to speak to the vendors and keep a cool head about it.

For many couples, the stress of planning can become so burdensome that they don’t even enjoy their special day. By bringing a professional on board, they use this extra help to get some workload off their hands so they can focus on the bigger aspects of their wedding preparations.

Finding Vendors

Many times, brides that come to Perfect Bridal to find their bridal dress, do so because we were recommended by their wedding planner.

A wedding planner keeps track of all the happenings in the industry. As such, they also try to stay ahead and keep an eye on all vendors and sources that would provide them with exceptionally trusted services. Because we provide dresses for all members of the bridal party – junior bridesmaids’ dresses and designer fabric swatches included – customers use this to have all their shopping done from one source.

Keeping Track of Time

There is a reason why the wedding day is planned almost a year earlier. Wedding preparations take time and with the entire family and some friends involved, it can take longer than usual for the couple to take care of all details.
Since couples have to plan their weddings around their schedules as well as that of their guests, it can become quite daunting to choose a date that will be perfect for everyone. For such tasks, the services of a bona fide wedding planner can be a real lifesaver.

Last-Minute Details

Details of your wedding can often be the ones that prove to be your breaking point. It can be something small as getting your wedding rings polished or it could be something as mundane as getting new socks for your groom.

Such details can become overwhelmingly frustrating at the last moment. In such instances, it can be useful to have someone to handle all the details of the wedding.

As a popular bridal boutique, we always try to get our brides to have as stress-free of a wedding as possible. So that when they walk down the aisle, the only thing that’s on their mind is the thought of their future happiness.

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How To Pick That Perfect Dress For Your Flower Girl

As official members of your bridal posse, your flower girl should get the same level of priority that you would give to your bridesmaids. This is why it is important that that when you choose a dress for them, keep their likes and personality in mind.
To help you, Perfect Bridal provides you with insight on choosing the best flower girl dress.

Tips on Choosing the Best Dress for Your Flower Girl


Is your wedding a formal occasion, or can your flower girls afford to look snazzy? Determining the style of your wedding can help you pinpoint the attire you’re looking for. You must remember that before you, your flower girl will be the one walking down the aisle with all eyes on her; choose a dress that not only makes them feel like a part of the wedding, but also their best.


When choosing the color, maintain the theme that complements your wedding color. Although flower girls do get their own dresses and fashion, you can still choose to buy a dress that is a miniature version of the bridesmaids’ gown. You may need to incorporate something else in the color scheme though, like a ribbon or bow that will make their dress stand out.


More than fashionable, your flower girl’s dress needs to be comfortable. Little girls love dressing up for such occasions, but you can’t expect them to bear an uncomfortable dress all day. Also, along with choosing a comfortable dress, find a comfortable pair of shoes so that they don’t whine about their aching feet.

Fabric Quality

You can’t expect your flower girl to sit still primly as you get ready. Since your flower girl will move and play around, you may need to find a fabric that is durable i.e. not easily wrinkled or ripped. Stay away from delicate fabrics such as silk or velvet and stick to the more trusted retailers (us!) if you want a high quality dress.


Neither kids nor adults will like their dress acting like a trip hazard.
Although you can have your choice of lengths, it’s always better to go with tea-length, especially if your flower girl is less than 10 years old.
While older flower girls will be able to hold their floor-length dresses in a way that they don’t trip, your smaller flower girls might be too impatient to do so.


Budget shouldn’t be that big of an issue when shopping for a flower dress. We offer stunning flower dresses at affordable prices, so you can easily find the dress you need without a problem. You can also buy a junior bridesmaids dress if your flower girl doesn’t like a dress according to her dress.
So what are you waiting for? If you need a flower girl dress, shop today at Perfect Bridal and find the perfect dress from our collection of wedding and designer bridesmaids dresses online.

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Being a Pregnant Bride – How to Choose the Perfect Gown

So your bundle of joy has decided to arrive in the world a little earlier than you anticipated and now you’re stumped.

There goes your dream of wearing that body-hugging Bari Jay bridal gown on your special day.

Nevertheless, there is nothing to be done about the arrival of your tiny tot. All you can do is prepare for the day as you did, and use the following tips to choose a bridal gown that will perfectly accentuate your glow of womanly beauty and those curves.

Choosing a Bridal Gown While Pregnant

Contact Your Bridal Boutique First

If you want to buy a gown that will fit you perfectly, call ahead and tell the bridal salon about your situation. This way, they will arrange an array of sizes so you won’t have any issues when trying them on. Being pregnant can bring a lot of changes to your body, so you need a versatile gown.

Choose the Right Silhouette

For those brides who want to hide their growing belly, a strapless empire waist gown is the perfect choice. The length of the empire waist will take the eyes away from the lower portion of the bride’s body, allowing her to add some design to the lace and fabric on her bust.

Although if you want to flaunt your baby bump, use fabrics such as silk jersey or English laces with a bit of elasticity so that the fabric is stretched to take shape of your silhouette.

Estimate the Right Size

A wedding dress takes time to be made to order, which means your measurements may call for some adjustment if you want to fit in your gown in four to six months. To make sure that you have the perfect fit, read through the sizing charts carefully and do the math.

Once you do, see where the designer ranks your size and then order the gown one size bigger than your estimation. This way, your body changes will not bother you when you try it on.

Corsets and Panels are Your Best Friend

Don’t panic if you can’t fit into your dress on the final fitting day. Any measurement issues can easily be fixed with the help of panels and corsets. All you have to do is order at least a yard of fabric that is the same as your dress and have an expert seamstress take care of the rest. By adding an extra panel in lieu of the zipper and adding the corset, your dress will be able to give you some growing room.

Don’t Forget Your Shoes

Your body changes during pregnancy, including your feet. Feet swelling is a common occurrence for future moms, so it’s important that you buy the right pair of shoes which offer comfort as well as style.

Typically, bridal shoes for pregnant women provide a lot of support and not much length so don’t be disappointed if you can’t find any shoes above the minimal heel length. It’s for your own comfort.
At Perfect Bridal, we offer a wide range of dresses for brides as well as the entire bridal party, such as bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids.

If you’re looking for the perfect dress for your special day, contact us today and we will help you celebrate the best moment of your life.

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Bridal Disasters – How To Take That Stain Off Your Wedding Dress

You looked like an ethereal goddess on your wedding day. That is until your cousin’s rambunctious little child “accidentally” spilled their fruit punch all over the side of your Allure Romance wedding dress.

Wedding dresses are supposed to remain spotless, which is why we don’t blame you if you can’t help but flinch at the horrible thought of such a potential disaster.
To help you prepare in case such a tragedy does occur, Perfect Bridal provides you with some useful tips on how you can take the stain off your wedding dress without ruining its look – although if you’re searching for an answer to outdoor stains, we have the solution for that too!

How to Remove Stains From Your Bridal Dress

Red Wine

Wines are a staple at weddings; you may be more susceptible to red wine spills than any other liquid.
If such an incident occurs, take immediate action. Use a wet towel and dab at stain as much as possible. Next, take a white cloth and soak it in warm water.
Dab the corners of the spill gently, taking it all the way to the middle of the stain. Doing so will allow the stain to lighten. Cover any remaining spots and marks with chalk or baby powder if you can.

Food Grease

Food grease stains are more about smell than stains. If a food item does spill on your dress, use baby powder and dust it over the mark so that the oil is absorbed. Let the powder sit on the stain for at least 15 minutes and gently brush it away; don’t wipe.
Next, use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, dab the outer edges of the stain towards the middle until it fades. For more secure cleaning, sprinkle a bit of baby powder on top.


With ink, it’s important that you NEVER run the stain under water. It can ruin the underside of your dress. Instead, dab the ink stain with a cotton swab that’s been dipped in rubbing alcohol and then blot the area with a clean white cloth.
Keep the underside of the dress in mind when doing so and use an additional absorbent white cloth underneath to absorb the ink.


The reason why water doesn’t remove makeup is because it is an oil-based stain.
To get rid of it, find a cleaning agent that will work on the oil compounds such as detergent, baby soap or even mineral spirits.
Firstly though, blot the stain with a moist cotton swab, making sure to keep a paper towel underneath so that the stain doesn’t transfer. Use the detergent to dab at the stain, using your fingertips to gently rub the part if the mark is stubborn. NEVER be vigorous with your cleaning.


Ladies, we pray this doesn’t happen, but sometimes, Aunt Flow just can’t be trusted.
If your gorgeous Bari Jay bridal gown gets stained with blood, use one of two options. If the stain is still fresh, run it under cool salted water. The salt will break the stain and remove the blood from the cloth. Rinse with clear water.
If the stain has dried, use meat tenderizer. Yes, we know, it’s weird, but meat tenderizer can break down the proteins that form blood clots. Using it to break the blood patch from the fabric will give you quicker results.
And finally, remember that although a stain may make you feel like your night is ruined, it’s still just a stain. Make some effort to clean it away and then get back to enjoying your time. And if the stain still persists even after the day is done; hey, that’s what dry cleaners are for!

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Perfect Wedding Gown – Which Color Should You Choose?

We may have Queen Victoria to thank for the white wedding dress, but it is truly thanks to the brides of today that we are able to have colors in our wedding gown.
Colors in wedding gowns range from white to champagne pink, the latter being the more daring color from the lot. But how do we know which color is the right one for us?

Choose the Best Wedding Gown Color


The brightest and clearest whites may seem like a classic choice for all brides, but white seldom suits everyone. Since the starkness of the white brings out the richness of their skin color, white wedding gowns usually suit those who have dark skin or fair skin with a hint of pink.
So if you’re pale skinned, stay away from stark white because it may wash you out. This allure romance bridal gown is a perfect example of a white dress.


This is the most popular shade of white color in wedding gowns. The shade of ivory combines pink hue with that of a yellowish essence of white, bringing out a color that appears warm on tanned skin, and vibrant on fair skin.
As such, ivory suits almost all skin colors and can give a wonderfully creamy tone. So for those beauties who want to bring out their inner brightness, an ivory dress like this Bari Jay bridal gown may be the best choice for you.

Natural White

Natural white is the whitest shade of white available. It is also a wonderful color that should particularly be worn by those who have a yellowish tone to their skin.
Now, although you may think that this is just simple white, be assured that it is not.
Natural white differs from white because of the origin of the shade. White color is usually achieved by combining synthetic fibers together such as taffetas and satins. Natural white comes from natural fibers, which means that it is pure. This is also why natural white is known as diamond white.


Champagne is perhaps the most romantic color in wedding dresses.
Champagne pink dresses use gold and pink hue to create a creamy luscious color that truly brings out a person’s smooth skin color. These dresses also suit almost every skin color, so from brides with tanned or dark undertones to olive or yellow complexions, a champagne dress might turn out to be just the perfect choice to make them look regal.
These shades are the most popular in wedding dress colors. So if want a wedding dress that suits your skin color perfectly, go ahead and use this info to shop at Perfect Bridal and get the best dress to make you feel like a star on your special day.

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4 Wedding Etiquette Rules Every Bride Should Know

Did you just hear that correctly? Your very own bridesmaid is calling you a bridezilla.

Being referred to a bridezilla all the time can be annoying, to say the least. After all, the only thing you’re doing is making sure that every aspect of your wedding goes perfectly. Is that too much to ask for a day that comes once in a lifetime? Absolutely not!
But what if, during your efforts to make everything perfect, you’ve ignored some important details along way? We cannot have that. This is why we list down 4 wedding etiquette you may not know you’re breaking.

Wedding Etiquette Rules You Don’t Want to Break

1. Choosing a Less-than-Convenient Time or Date

Weddings are expensive so we all try to use some useful tricks to get the celebration under budget. However, it is important to not be inconvenient when arranging the wedding. Even Fridays and Sundays are okay, but weekday weddings will not go down well among your guests, especially if they’re families. A person can choose to go to your wedding, sleep less, work and then come back home to catch up on their sleep, but parents will not risk their children’s bedtime, even if it is for your wedding.

2. You’re Making Your Bridesmaids Buy Expensive Dresses

This can cause a lot of bad blood in your wedding posse if you’re not considerate. It’s all well and good to have your bridesmaids buy gorgeous designer bridesmaids dresses that they may be able to wear on later dates.
But it’s entirely another thing to make them buy a dress that’s not only expensive, but also slightly useless.
Shop at reliable sources such as Perfect Bridal to get the best dress for a good price, and understand that while this is your dream wedding, your bridesmaids do not have a dream amount in their bank accounts.

3. You Have a Cash Bar

An ideal wedding is one where your guests won’t have to spend any money. So it’s probable that they won’t like it if they have to pay for expensive drinks.
We’re not asking you to have an open bar if your budget cannot spare it, but you can still choose to offer only wine and beer. Cash bars can cost a lot, so try to unburden your guests by giving them signature cocktails or two along with the usual drink.

4. You don’t have Bridal Party Gifts
So you’re saying that you’re not even going to offer a small token of gratitude to your bridesmaids who have travelled all the way to the venue for your special day?
Considering that bridesmaids spend $1,695 on wedding parties each year, it is only fitting that they should get a thank you gift from the bride who wanted them all to be a part of her wedding ceremony.
We aren’t asking you to spend a fortune, but keep a substantial amount aside when you settle on the wedding budget.
So now that you know about these rules, keep them in mind when you prepare for your special day, so that you can remember your wedding with fond memories.

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Perfect Bridal Wedding Collection – Something Blue

Something Blue in Your Wedding

Garter with Blue Ribbon

A blue garter is the most classic choice when looking to add something blue to your wedding.
Although the garter itself isn’t at all visible, it still completes the whole impact of the tradition, and that is all you really need.
Wear a garter that is completely blue, or simply one that has blue trimmings. Either way, you’re doing nothing wrong by choosing a garter as your something blue.


Using blue in flowers is the easiest way to add the color in your wedding.
Blue flowers add a gorgeous contrast against the overall white theme. As a personal favorite for many wedding photographers, blue takes away from the overall starkness of the wedding attire, and thus makes the bride look even more striking in appearance.
It doesn’t hurt that blue opens up a huge variety of flowers for the bridal bouquet as well.

Blue Shoes

Light blue wedding shoes add the perfect ethereal touch to any wedding gown.
In fact, to properly incorporate the color, many gowns such as Alfred Angelo wedding gowns or Allure Romance bridal gowns are specifically designed and shaded so that the blue shoes won’t seem odd.
Using blue shoes also offers a variety of choices for you. By wearing colored shoes, you can let go of conventional choices and wear a gown of a color other than white.

Cuisine and Cake

We aren’t asking you to use food dye to give the meals a bluish tinge.
By using particular items of cuisine to be blue, you can turn them into exciting treats. For instance, you can have blue martinis as a specialty drink. Not only will this complete the rhyme but will also add a fun element to the whole proceedings.
Another way you can add blue is by choosing a blue cake. Nowadays, no challenge is too big for pastry chefs and baking aficionados. So if you’ve ever dreamt of having a blue cake, choose this opportunity to have one!

Blue Accessories

You can easily find blue jewelry to complement your look.
Along with blue shoes, wearing the same shade of blue jewelry completes the look of the whole rhyme. However, if you really want to take the blue of it all one step further, make your beau wear a blue tie.
Blue accessories for men are also available aplenty. Just make sure both shades of blue match.
These accessories are usually available in four shades; light blue, duck egg blue, royal blue and cobalt.


Adding sixpence to your shoe isn’t necessarily followed. However, if you aren’t up for it, make a hole in a sixpence and string it to your wedding bouquet for good luck.
So go ahead; follow Perfect Bridal’s helpful guide and follow the tradition that has been carried on throughout generations. Have a glorious wedding!

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Perfect Bridal Wedding Collection – Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed in Your Wedding

Your Spouse’s Last Name

As stated in our previous blog on something new, monogrammed flutes are a wonderful way to show how much you care for your spouse.
By monogramming his name along with yours, you can add an even more personal touch to an otherwise simple glass flutes.
You can also have your spouse’s last name monogrammed onto the wedding cake or the ring bearer pillow as well.

A Sibling’s Wedding Necklace

If you have an older sister, or a close cousin who has already walked down the aisle, borrow their wedding accessories to add to your attire.
This sentiment is something that will please your family. It will show that you want to keep a trinket of home near your heart.
Although, if you do not have an older sister or cousin, you can even choose to wear your brother’s cherished ring as a way of showing him that you love them.

Mother-in-Law’s Accessories

Want to earn some brownie points with your mother-in-law? Although you may have already checked that off your list by taking them shopping for the perfect mother-of-the-groom dress, there’s no reason you can’t do more.
Ask her to contribute her accessories such as pearl necklace for your something borrowed. They will be happy to do so.

Your Mother’s Veil

So you have your treasured Allure Bridal wedding dress in your hands.
All you have to do now is choose a veil to go with it. Take this chance and ask your mother for her wedding veil instead.
Since brides cherish their wedding veil, your mother will most probably have it tucked away in the safest corner of her wardrobe.

Nail Polish

Small, yet significant, using your maid-of-honor or bridesmaid’s nail polish can easily be your something borrowed.
This way, you’ll find a way to be closer to your friend even as you walk down the aisle.
Using an accessory or something as simple as nail polish from your best friend is just about the most sentimental thing you can do.
In fact, you can also choose to use this moment as your much-needed bonding time with your BFF.

Rented Purses

All brides need a small clutch or purse so they can keep emergency trinkets near them at all times.
But wedding clutches can be very expensive, especially if you’re on a budget.
The second best option is renting one. Purses can easily be rented online, so you won’t have any trouble in finding one that will suit your style.
Furthermore, you will be able to use a gorgeous accessory without actually paying the full price. And that is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to pass up on.
In the next blog, we shall discuss the most coveted, something blue, aspect of this tradition. In the mean time, click here to brush up on the past blogs of this series!

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Perfect Bridal Wedding Collection – Something Old

Something Old in Your Wedding


Accessories open a wide range for you to choose from, since you don’t necessarily need to go for a specific wedding-related item when incorporating the something old to your attire.
You may choose to wear a locket with photos of your family or even wear your mother’s wedding band on your right hand as a part of your wedding jewelry.


Families often store away their veils to use for future date since veils are always seen as a classic piece from the bride’s attire.
They also don’t get as dirty as the bridal dress itself so you can easily wear it without worrying about washing it.
Also, since wedding dresses such as Allure Bridal gowns or Alfred Angelo wedding dresses are often created in such versatile designs, you can easily incorporate an old veil with your dress without worrying about it clashing with the overall look.


Although the flowers in your bouquet will be new, you can add a something old element by attaching a family locket to the ensemble.
For those families who have roots in Victorian England, they will most probably have a tussy mussy hidden in their attic somewhere. But if you don’t have one, you can still choose to buy it since the historical nuance of this ornamental holder will definitely work as your something old.


Another way you can add something old to your wedding is by wearing a favorite pair of shoes or heels for comfort. Since old shoes are already broken in, they can be easy to wear and dance in, so you won’t even have to worry about your feet aching after the day is done.
You may also choose to wear a pair of comfortable sneakers, but only if they are hidden by your dress or if they go with the overall theme of the event.

Vintage Scent

Often, we forget this factor of our attire. Signature scents have a powerful way of invoking wonderful memories. So you can choose to spritz yourself with the scent before you walk down the aisle. This way, as you approach the altar, your beau will get a whiff of that wonderful fragrance that their mind connects to you.

Vintage Scent

Often, we forget this factor of our attire. Signature scents have a powerful way of invoking wonderful memories. So you can choose to spritz yourself with the scent before you walk down the aisle. This way, as you approach the altar, your beau will get a whiff of that wonderful fragrance that their mind connects to you.

Wedding Topper

Wedding toppers are adorable and can easily be used on any styles of cakes since these toppers are mostly made in simple and traditional designs. You can place your parents’ or grandparents’ cake topper on your own cake and use them as your something old and something borrowed.
And these are just some of the ideas we have. Want to know what we have in store for something new? Then stay tuned!

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