One Week Count Down

You just have a week to go before your big wedding day.  Remember that it is important to write down details and list for last minute items.  Here is our timeline to help you with the last 7 days.

7 days before your wedding day

Make sure you have someone assigned to take your wedding gown to the cleaners to get it pressed or steamed. The gown should be stored hanging at full length – if the wedding dress touches and is gathering on the floor make sure that you hang it from a higher spot.
Assemble task list for your wedding planner or bridal party if necessary.  Having them in charge of items such as final payments to vendors or in charge of bringing the accessories will take a load off your shoulders.

1 day before your wedding day

Pack an emergency kit. Should include:
Extra pair of panty hose
Bobby pins
Checkbook (you may need to make the final payment to vendors)
Nail polish, etc.
Take your gown out of the bridal bag and do any necessary pressing or steaming.
Lay out all of your accessories including veil, jewelry, shoes and makeup.

The day of your wedding day

Have your bridesmaid inspect your gown, looking for wrinkles, stains or loose threads.

Make sure to wear a robe or a button down shirt before you get your hair and make up done. (Wear white or ivory if possible to get the right color application.)
Have your bridesmaid or wedding consultant help you slip into your dress. Make sure that you have a kerchief over your face to protect your gown from your makeup and vice versa.
View your full reflection in a full length mirror and savor the moment.  You are getting married and you look fabulous!

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