2010 Toast Contest

Win $300 Cash in the 2010 Perfect Bridesmaid Toast Contest - Winning Toast Announced!

Whether it's a funny story about a shared experience or a moving tribute to a loving friendship, the bridesmaid's or maid of honor's wedding toast to the bride is often one of the most memorable moments of any wedding.

We've received a wide variety of wonderful toasts for this contest, ranging from hilarious, to inspirational, to moving... We want to first thank all our contestants and their voting fans, it is your participation which has made this a fun and successful event!

Drum roll... The winning toast of the 2010 Perfect Bridesmaid Toast Contest is "Love is Like Lego", by Degeezus, of Berkeley, CA! Congratulations Degeezus, you should be receiving an email from us for your contact information, to claim your $300 Cash Prize!

As for the toasts - we'll continue to host them right here - as resource to our customers and fans as they write their very own Perfect Bridesmaid Toasts!

Again - A big 'Thank You' for your participation and interests! Watch for more upcoming contests and events at www.perfect-bridesmaid-dresses.com and www.perfectbridal.com - See you soon! 

The Toasts - And The Final Tally

"Love is Like Legos",    122 Votes
"You Had Me At Salt Lick",    93 Votes
"The Most Powerful Force There Is... Love",    86 Votes
"Finally Home",    54 Votes
"Life Is A Journey...But Love Makes It Worthwhile",    30 Votes
"Love Endures Forever",    21 Votes
"Wishing You Joy",    19 Votes
"Times Are A Changing"    15 Votes
"SFL",    17 Votes
"Diary Reading",    15 Votes
"Jocelyn & Rob",    16 Votes
"Dr. Seuss. Almost...",    12 Votes
"The Crying Bride",    16 Votes
"Man Eater",    12 Votes
"The Journey",    11 Votes
"From A Baby Sister To A Bride"    13 Votes
"BFF",    11 Votes
"To Paige & Howie"    9 Votes
"Stay In Love"    8 Votes
"Tying the Knot With a Woman Who Can't Be Tied Down"    6 Votes