"You Had Me At Salt Lick"

by Anne K., Chicago, IL

The first time I heard a reference to GROOM had something to do with the fact that he had recently mailed Jessie a salt lick. Bizarre in it's own right, but I knew there had to be a certain sentiment behind it. If anything I recognized that BRIDE had just met her comic match which is why it stuck out so much at that point.
So preparing to toast the happy couple seemed like as good a time as any to look into the true purpose of a salt lick and maybe realize GROOM's true intentions behind such a, (insert sarcastic tone), special gift. What I discovered (other than the fact that it is impossible to purchase a salt lick in the greater Chicagoland area) is that salt licks are meant to attract wildlife, provide nourishment and create sustainability for the environment. So in an effort to read through the lines, GROOM's little agricultural love note actually seems to be a declaration of his commitment to taking care of BRIDE. And since I don't know the true meaning of this inside joke behind the gift that's what we'll go with.
The other part of this rambling memento is that a few days ago I remembered a gift that BRIDE had given me back in 5th grade. Her family had just moved to town, and our own quirky friendship was just developing. I will admit that BRIDE manages to bring out my silly side and, apparently, insanity. One day, she professed that I had "lost my marbles," and subsequently presented me with a set of my own. It's a gift that I haven't forgotten as a token of humor, creativity and heartfelt wish for mental health.
So I look back at these gifts that we'll call unique and see a pattern of thoughtfulness that translates to Jamie and Jessie's relationship: A creative bond that will fill their marriage with life and sentiment. A commitment to caring for each other endlessly. A seriously twisted sense of humor. And I know they have everything they need.
Let's raise our glasses to BRIDE and GROOM. I wish you a lifetime of your own creativity.