"The Most Powerful Force There Is... LOVE"

by Randi M., San Francisco, CA

We are all so overjoyed at this moment, and the fact that I get to be the spokesperson for our group of friends, well… you know how much I love that. It's a rare and wonderful thing to see two people who are so right for one another. You know how it is, through the years there have been times when we thought - oh my god... what is she thinking? Or those long late night phone calls where you and I would rehash the never-ending question... "Can there ever really be one person out there who is my soul mate"? Well today it's clear, the answer is yes!!!! We know one doesn't fall in love, one dances around the precipice for a while and hopefully has the courage to dive in fully with an open heart. Well, you two are officially deep-sea divers. Your marriage will fill the world with the most powerful force there is... LOVE. I offer this toast to the gorgeous bride and groom — may you be able to receive and remember all the love that is flowing to you right now. May you feel the presence of our love through all the changes in your life, and may you remember kindness through the storms. Let’s all raise a glass to (bride) and (groom) and wish them a partnership full of inspiration, passion, laughter and good champagne. We love you.