Accessorizing your Flower Girls - Icing on the Cake

Watters flower girl dress

Your flower girl is sweet and adorable ~ really you only need to add a little something to her ensemble, like icing on the cake. There are so many ways to accessorize bridesmaid dresses, your flower girl dress is no different.  She wants to feel just as pretty as the bride and bridesmaids but you need to follow a few guidelines for adding to the flower girl dress:

Be careful not to over accessorize. She is adorable but still a little girl and  playful, she needs to move freely without restrictions. Choose simple and fun jewelry that she can hold onto as a keepsake of the day. 

As you want to have the bridesmaids be comfortable and beautiful in their accessories, take a little more precaution in selections for the flowergirl.  You do not want jewelry that will scratch or bind to make her uncomfortable.

Keep hair accessories easy as well.  It often works best, just like the veil, if an elaborate hairpiece comes off the flowergirl for the reception.  Foliage and flowers are a stunning addition to cute little updos for girls, make sure they are held in place comfortably. Your bridesmaids can hold off showing discomfort during the ceremony but your flowergirl is not likely to hold back when she is uncomfortable.

Whether she is dropping holding flowers or dropping flower petals down the aisle, make it easy to hold and manage.

Flower petals are the classic and beautiful touch to the aisle before the bride takes those all important steps, make sure your flowergirl is mature enough to understand her job and manage dropping the petals. Baskets are affortable and easy to trim with ribbon for carrying the petals, make sure the flowergirl can easily reach in and out of the basket you choose. You don't want to hold up the ceremony because the sweet flowergirl cannot easily complete her job while walking down the aisle.

It has become more common for the flowergirl to carry a classic bouquet of flowers, similiar to the bridesmaids bouquets.  If the bridesmaids have good size bouquets to carry, down size for the flowergirl.  A cute little girl should carry a bouquet proportionate to her cute little size!

More and more flowergirl are carrying a pomander (a full ball of flowers that has a fabric loop to cary it by).  The pomander is easy to carry and can usually be decorated in the same flowers as the bride and bridesmaid's bouquets, making for something a little different and fun for her to hold onto.

Have fun with the flowergirls outfit, it is okay for her dress and accessories to be a little different . She is only a little girl and needs to be comfortable. Your flowergirl will always remember being a part of your wonderful day ~ make them comfortable memories!