Final Details: Your Wedding Dress

Allure Bridals 

Putting on your wedding gown is at least a 2-3 person job.  Once the dress is pressed and perfect you will need help putting on the gown and making sure that you have any mishaps while trying to get around town. 

Just as you had a bridal consultant help you try on your wedding dress at the salon you need to prepare for others helping you into the gown and even helping you go to the bathroom.  You want to make sure you don’t damage the dress before you get to present yourself to your new groom.

Keeping the dress clean

When getting dressed, the main goal is keep your gown clean. Prepare a few items before you get ready to place on your gown: a clean white sheet, your garter and/or pantyhose, and your shoes. If your gown needs to be slipped over your head, have a clean white scarf on hand to cover your face and prevent makeup stains; if your gown has a lot of buttons, make sure you have a crochet hook to help pull the loops over them. Keep a clean white towel on standby, as you'll need it to cover the front of your dress when drinking or eating before you depart for your ceremony.  Also make sure that you have baby wipes nearby – they are useful to clean off your hands after you apply make up or hair products.

Getting into your gown

When it's finally time to get dressed, place the clean white sheet on the floor and set your shoes down on top of it. Put on your garter if you have one or put on your pantyhose, then have someone unzip or unbutton your gown and position it over your shoes. Have your mom or a bridesmaid hold the dress open and support you, as you slowly step into the wedding dress, placing your feet in your shoes as you do so. If you have a sheath or other style of gown that you must slip over your head, put your shoes on first and use the scarf to cover your face to avoid makeup smudges. Be sure not to tie the scarf too tie to avoid dents in your new coif. Have your mom or a bridesmaid zip or button the wedding gown for you.

Examine the gown to make sure that everything has been buttoned up and/or zipped, and there are no last-minute smudges or spots. If you need to sit down for a moment before hitting the aisle, perch on a backless stool with your gown fluffed out around you--not squished under you. Drape the towel over you’re the front of your wedding dress before applying last-minute face powder or having a last minute drink of water.

Moving around in your wedding dress

As you move around it's important that you gently lift your gown to avoid damaging the hem of your wedding gown. Gently bend at the knees and softly gather a piece of your skirt in each hand (lift gently so not to wrinkle the gown). Then slowly lift your skirt off center and away from the ground. If your dress is super-full or designed with a train, try not to walk or step backwards to avoid ripping the fabric. Instead, ask your mother or your bridesmaids to lift your train for you. When you reach your destination, simply drop the skirt behind you and it will naturally fluff itself out as you take your first few steps. Before heading out to the altar make sure that you smooth out the bodice of your gown.

Getting out of the car in your wedding dress

If your ceremony is at a different location as the reception, you'll need to get in and out of the car slowly, avoiding the greasy joints of the car door. You should also avoid sitting on the back of your gown; pull it up behind you and lean forward in your seat. Make sure that you have one of your bridesmaids get out of the car first and help you get out of the car.  Again remember to lift your hem as you walk to avoid last minute stains at the hem of your gown.

How to bustle your gown

You will need to decide in advance whether you want your dress bustled so your seamstress can put in hooks or buttons in your wedding gown. Though some brides wait until after the first dance, most choose to bustle their train after the ceremony so they don’t have to worry about dragging their dress along the floor. You will need to have your maid of honor to a family member who came with you to the fittings to help bustle your skirt. Once you've been bustled on the big day, check to make sure that the hem is even all the way around and that the fabric drapes gracefully.

Good posture makes for a great picture

Standing up straight and holding your head up make for a great picture for you and your wedding dress. Make sure that you are not chewing gum and keep a smile on your face. Of course, that last one will probably come naturally. So take a deep breath and savor this day – a wedding day is a day you don’t want to forget!  Don't worry so much about your dress. You've spent months planning your wedding -- now it's time to enjoy it.