Designer Priority & Order Status Definitions

  Designer Priority Definitions





Once standard orders are submitted to the designers, designers will make your dresses based on the order they received. The designers change dates every week, and estimated lead time vary during peak and slow bridal seasons.                                                                                                                   

Rush orders are offered by most designers and it comes at a fee. Once the designers receive “RUSH” labeled orders, they will prioritize your orders above standard orders which are scheduled to be made by the order the designers received.  The designers may make your “Rush” order dresses on or way before the estimated ship date depending on their schedules.                    

Some designers offer super rush orders at a fee. The designers will make your dresses as high priority above all other standard and rush orders. Most designers require approval before we place an order. The designers will make your “Super Rush” orders on or way before the estimated ship date due to high priority. 

Order Status Definitions




On Hold        





Order(s) are being reviewed and not yet placed.                                                                                                                   

Order(s) are processed with the designer(s).                                                                                                      

Order(s) are not yet processed and waiting for other orders from the same bridal party .                                                          

 Order(s) have been shipped to you and tracking numbers will be emailed and/or found under "My Account".                                                Order(s) are cancelled due to customers' request or declined credit card charge.