Wedding Day Accessories

Wedding accessories 

It's the little things that will make your wedding day amazing. Make your accessories work for you on your special day with our tips.

Try a Few Bras. Check the store’s return policy when you go to buy a bra. Make sure the undergarments are fully returnable with the tags because you will want to try on a variety of bras with your dress. Take home a few styles to do a test run in your wedding dress. To make sure the bra is not visible, move around like you will on your wedding day; dance, walk and sit with the bra on.

Make Your Fittings Count. Be prepared for fittings by taking your undergarments: bra, shoes, body slimmer and stockings.  You want to have the fitting of the wedding dress the same as it will be on your wedding day. If you change your undergarments, make sure to have another fitting to ensure your dress fits properly.

Check Your Undergarments. Never go until the big day without trying the whole ensemble on together. Do you look completely uncomfortable in your slimmer? Are any of your undergarments embarrassingly obvious? A sheer fabric gown may require you to go light on the undergarments. Consider the alternatives if your undergarments do not ‘look right’ with your wedding dress.

Tights or Hose?  To avoid holes in your hose later in the night, you may want to consider tights. If you know your shoes are coming off later in the night, you could consider knee highs that can be pulled off with your shoes. Make sure to pack a few extra pairs in your wedding day kit in case they shred the big morning, you will be prepared.

The Veil From Behind.  Take a view of your wedding veil from behind. Try a sheer veil or one layer of tulle if you are looking to show off the back of your gown. The appearance of unfinished tulle may not be your favorite but a veil with ribbon may make you seem shorter. Try on different lengths of veils to make sure it does not appear to cut you in half.

Veil or No Veil?  Attach your wedding veil to your headpiece with easy on and off fabric hooks. Keep in mind how you want your pictures; if you take off your veil right after the ceremony, you will be veil-less for pictures of you cutting the cake and the first dance. Make the timing of the removal right for you and your pictures.

Fabric Tests.  Many types of crinoline or slips may cause friction and tears in your hose, do a trial run in your hose and dress filling.

To Underwear or not to wear? If you do not normally wear a thong, try it before your wedding day. Some women cannot bear the fit of the permanent wedgie. Try pantyhose with sewn in cotton crotch because those uncomfortable situations are close to impossible to fix in a wedding gown.

Be Prepared.  Keep extras of everything that could run or tear in your wedding day kit. Have your maid of honor stock the kit with items like stain remover and clear nail polish for hose runs. Think ahead.